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I read every code change in every pull request that comes into * consensus code movement changes - too big, too chaotic, too frequent, too unfocused, laziness guarantees others will inevitably ACK it without. It needs testing, that is for sure. See below; for example, just submit merge code movement changes on the first week of every 2nd month. That's actually been rattling around my head for a while. There are three major kinds of refactoring:. With respect to the 3rd kind of refactoring, we need to set some standards and data entry work from home jobs goals and aim for some kind of consistency.

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Mantis can interoperate with other software, and is reasonably easy to set. Structural optimisation and consolidation (reducing LOC, separating concerns, encapsulation etc). Announce the pace ahead of time - "cosmetic stuff that breaks your patches will be merged 1st week of every second month" To underscore, the higher priority must be given to having a source code base and disciplined development process that maximizes. Gavin Andresen Hi, Thanks for sending this email. We promise to keep your Bitcoin press release distribution focused to outlets that want to see it anything less would not be the Press Release Jet way. I'm thinking the budget for any single thing will be just a handful of bitcoins (e.g. Arklan Uth Oslin On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at bitcoin release process 9:47 AM, Gavin Andresen On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 11:16 AM, Arklan Uth Oslin arklan. 1, the project is backed by Lightningasic, a seller of mining hardware based in Hong Kong, as well as a community of relatively unknown developers. Windows 32-bit binary, installer source. Zip -r bitcoin-version-win32 rm -rf bitcoin-version-win32 * perform Mac build See this blog post for how Gavin set up his build environment to build the OSX release; note that a patched version of macdeployqt is not needed anymore.

sorry to drag my heels. By splitting them into separate tasks, see below for a bit more detail. remaining days of the month, test, bug fix - release at end of month If changes are not ready for merging, then so be it, they wait until next month's release. After they are done, they send a short email to the QA lead giving them a quick thumbs up/down, and maybe telling the QA lead their bitcoin address so they can bitcoin release process get paid for their work. Thus, Bitcoin Core developers dont benefit from a monopoly over the Bitcoin network in the soft fork implementation process. Several people complained to me at the conference about all the code movement changes breaking their own work, causing them to stay on older versions of bitcoin due to the effort required to rebase to each new release version - and I share those complaints. However its a chicken and egg situation.

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Suggested Way Forward, with the understanding that refactored code by definition must not change behaviour. The drugs are good. However, it requires proper planning because there are lots of effects and consequences for other people contributing to Core and also downstream projects relying on Core:. Once a soft fork proposal is drafted and submitted to the repository, the code authoring and review process begin. It gets further tested, then once everyone feels the code is ready for release, it gets put into a release branch, which will eventually become the next version of Bitcoin Core, explained Lombrozo. Lots of us who were early adopters of Bitcoin have small amounts leftover in our Bitcoin wallets which are not practical to spend and are too small to be worth the effort of converting back to real money. Get latest updates about Open Source Projects, Conferences and News. perform gitian builds * From a directory containing the bitcoin source, gitian-builder and gs export signer(your gitian key, ie bluematt, sipa, etc) export version0.5.1./gitian-builder * Fetch and build inputs: mkdir -p inputs; cd inputs/ wget 'p?fileminiupnpc-1.6.tar. Developers and/or QA leads start by copying this skeleton test plan template: m/4435034 test plan execution Assumption: testers have a github account, so they can submit issues and create gists.

For the amount of BTC we're talking about it would probably be more work to forge a fake debug. If they do a bad job, they'll get yelled. t/lists/listinfo/bitcoin-test Don't let slow site performance ruin your business. "5 BTC to create a test plan for multi-wallet, plus 5 BTC to whoever executes that plan and files any issues first." Developers and/or QA leads that get a reputation for not paying testers will find it hard to raise funds in the future. No, i'm US based, though a major night owl usually. Gavin Andresen excellent idea. Sign Up No, Thank you Thanks for helping keep SourceForge clean. However, Bitcoin Core developer and Ciphrex CEO Eric Lombrozo opposes the claims of Garzik and Buterin, stating that Core developers verify Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) ideas prior to their write-up only to confirm their technical aspects and applicability to Bitcoin Core software.

For the donaters (I have sent more than a few coins.) Showing what sort of things the donations. Only the project creator could do that. 2012, jan, feb, mar. With respect to Code moves and CS, I believe we should have a "refactoring fortnight" bitcoin release process where we so the bulk of code move-only refactoring plus CS where necessary. id: 0x5016FB50 I have been on my back, had two wisdom teeth out. Reaching your audience is key in distribution. We still don't have a basic QA checklist for testing of release candidates; I'll commit to spending a little of the remaining "Bitcoin Testing Project" bitcoins to whoever contributes to creating one. Yet in a move criticized by some observers, the team behind bitcoin gold has been mining blocks in insolation since the new network was formally created last month, with a certain amount of coins being set aside to support development. Maintaining non-trivial changes out of tree is also painful, for the aforementioned reasons.

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Upon the confirmation of the BIPs code, the code merging and release process begin for further tests and evaluation. "paying.5 BTC to the three people who first fork and execute this test plan on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Our animals will love you, we will love you, you will feel better for having done good, and you will finally have found something worthwhile to do with that little bit of Bitcoin. Optimize and monitor your browser, app, servers with just a few lines of code. Same for CS changes. Arklan Uth Oslin, on Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 9:22 AM, Gavin Andresen Consensus in #bitcoin-dev chat is that it is time to do.8.2 release. The BIP editor's responsibility is to make sure the BIP repository is properly maintained and that all the BIPs that get merged into it follow procedure and have the proper format. Pieter has already started going through the issues list; help with testing, debugging, and fixing high-priority issues is very welcome. t/lists/listinfo/bitcoin-test kk so, i have a few clear days.

Deploy New Relic APM Deploy New Relic app performance management and know exactly what is happening inside your Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, and.NET app Try New Relic at no cost today and get our sweet Data Nerd shirt too! So here's a straw-man proposal bitcoin release process to try to get the ball rolling: test plan creation I Like this. I have no issues and should be caught up in a couple of days. Sorry if you answered this before. Linux 32-bit and 64-bit binaries source. I looked into some free test-plan management, creation, and execution tools, and I just don't think they'll work because they're designed for full-time, professional QA teams. Sorry for the confusion. The Bitcoin Core software gives miners the explicit choice of whether to signal support. Free Trial Remotely access PCs and mobile devices and provide instant support Improve your efficiency, and focus on delivering more value-add services Discover what IT Professionals Know. Bitcoin Magazine, Lombrozo elaborated on the reasons why he thinks that decentralization is strong, and how the role of miners and node operators is key. I am hoping that * There is some plan * We will not see a five year stream of random consensus code movement patches causing lots of downstream developer headaches. Continual refactoring increases risk: we're human, and mistakes will slip through peer review.

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I would like to share my thoughts on the matter because we really do need to come up with a plan on how this issue is dealt with. (community prioritisation and default time/difficulty) I think a lot of the testing can be done 'online' in vm's where more than one tester has access to the setup. That end state is not something you would merge all in one. T/sfu/newrelic-dev2dev Bitcoin-test mailing list [email protected] LogMeIn Rescue: Anywhere, Anytime Remote support for. Code movement changes are easy to create from scratch once a concrete goal is known. So I modified bitcoin release process the plan a little and created a master QA repository with the skeleton test plan and a description of the testing process: m/bitcoin/QA I'm using one of my current pull requests as a guinea pig, and.

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Exe: unzip -d bitcoin-version-win32. Sorry to drag my heels. 0.10.11 is even more. With better written reports, etc deserving more. We will aggregate all these little donations and convert them back to fiat currency when weve received enough to make the exchange fees worthwhile. On 17:06, Gavin Andresen wrote: What is that"? I just want to get this work up somewhere. (todo: step-by-step "how to fork a gist" with pictures of what github buttons to poke to make it easy for testers). So someone passes a test then someone later comes and runs it finds a few bugs, what would the protocol for this be? Partnering with Press Release Jet for your distribution needs for a Bitcoin press release(3) is a fantastic bitcoin release process next step. Nov, dec (2) 2013, jan (9 feb, mar.

Reaching more people every day. As we saw in the Linux kernel - battle lessons hard learned - code movement and refactors have often unseen negative impact on downstream developers working on more complicated changes that have more positive impact to our developers and users. It's like dollar cost averaging, a bit. Essentially, Garzik and Buterin believe that soft fork implementations fail to reflect the view of the open source community of Bitcoin, since soft forks are verified, accepted, and implemented by the Bitcoin Core developers, instead of miners and node operators in the industry. A few important bugs have been fixed, and the goal will be to get.8.2 final release before the May 15'th hard fork deadline. Arklan Uth Oslin On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 5:11 PM, steve [email protected] We are extremely grateful for the community around the world who have been contributing hash power to our testnets; besides patiently testing their own mining process, they allow exchanges, pools, wallet developers, and all other service operators. This makes the PRs extremely easy to vet and thus quick to merge.

We take this very seriously as it is a major component to our successful distribution of PR for our clients. The net negative consequence is it is harder to contribute to Core, harder for the Core maintainers to merge and harder for downstream/dependent projects/implementations to keep. The third kind(3) requires deeper analysis to ensure that while the code changed, the behaviour (including any bugs) did not. Additionally, if we break down refactoring into the three kinds stated above, peer review will be much more straightforward. I don't know how to pay for test-plan creation versus executing the test plan. Under a more time-based approach, a better pull request process would be to * Only open pull requests if it's a bug fix, or the merge window is open and the change is ready to be merged in the developer's opinion. We should aim to get most of this done in one go, so that it's not happening in dribs and drabs over months and many releases. Nsi doc/readme* * tag version in git git tag -a.5.1 * write release notes.

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One step in that growth was accepting Bitcoin. I'll also be going through the issues list and marking any issues I think need to be fixed with the '0.8.2' milestone. Permalink, join GitHub today, gitHub is home to over 36 million developers working together to host and review bitcoin release process code, manage projects, and build software together. Bitcoin gold is set to go live this weekend. Much of CS checking can be automated by the continuous integration so authors can get it right easily. The wonder of test. I have not done anything for ages, personal circumstances would not let. Dont worry though, it is all open to change. A press release is only one ingredient. A press release is just one ingredient. But we must not stray into unfocused engineering for a non-existent future library user. How do you see regression testing fitting in here?