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I draw attention to the matters below. Effective interest rate and deferred settlement terms The entity used effective interest rate as determined by National Treasury to discount future cash flows. Future plans OF THE entity The Entitys strategic direction is to focus on Service Delivery to ensure a satisfactory experience for the South African citizen. Classification The entity has the following types of financial assets (classes and category) as reflected on the face of the statement of financial position or in the notes thereto: Class Category Trade and other receivables Financial asset measured. The demand for these services is significantly reduced due to the installation of LCUs and the training provided by dlca. The impairment is allocated to reduce the carrying amount of the cash-generating assets of the unit on a pro rata basis, based on the carrying amount of each asset in the unit. Be able to detect poor picture and fingerprint quality, and reject it at the source (i.e. The entity does not recognise provision for deficits from future operating activities. The proposed increased card price will be.00. Implement standards, practices, criteria and indicators for quality nursing. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures forex standard bank in the financial statements. R000 R,081 272 9,471 9,653 10,473 20,545 9,434 156 4,370 178 9,590 4,548 Depreciation, amortisation and impairments Computer equipment Office, furniture and equipment UPS Furniture LCU Computer software Other assets.

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The monthly rental is R 1,431.17 and R 1,859.29 respectively with no escalation clause. Overview OF THE financial results The Entity generates its revenue from the sale of driving licences. Training budget was not exhausted due to reduced training needs at dltcs. Provide direction and supervision for the implementation of the nursing plan (clinical practice and quality patient care). There is a slow response by senior management to address deficiencies noted over the oversight regarding financial and performance reporting and compliance monitoring processes. The Accounting officer is of the opinion, based on the information and explanations given by management, that the system of internal control provides reasonable assurance that the financial records may be relied on for the preparation of the annual financial statements. Page: 48 Part E: Financial Information Predetermined objectives. Property, plant and equipment is also affected with the determination of the fair value of certain assets on initial recognition. In terms of the Public Service Regulations consultant means a natural or juristic person or a partnership, who or which provides in terms of a specific contract on an ad hoc basis any of the following professional services. Those standards require that I comply with ethical requirements, and plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements are free from material misstatement. 1.13 Leases A lease is classified forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers as a finance lease if it transfers substantially all the risks and rewards incidental to ownership. The Accounting Officer is responsible for the preparation of the Annual Financial Statements, and for the judgments made in this information.

Page: 82 Part E: Financial Information Notes to the Annual Financial Statements. 1.10 Impairment of cash-generating assets Cash-generating assets are those assets held by the entity with the primary objective of generating a commercial return. The total debt book decreased from.8 million in prior year to R 968 thousand in 2015/16. Cash and cash equivalents (continued) None of the cash and cash equivalents is considered to be impaired and consequently no provision was raised for the irrecoverability of these financial assets. The replacement cost of an asset is the cost to replace the assets gross service potential. This error only affected the period ended The correction of the error(s) results in adjustments as follows: Statement of financial position Decrease in other assets Decrease in prepayments Decrease in trade and other payables from exchange transactions Statement of Financial. The Entity is fast-tracking the appointment of permanent executives, as well as expanding the current structure to ensure that forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers all functions are performed effectively by officials with the right skills and expertise, in order to deliver an excellent service to the public. The remaining disputes relate to: the ownership of the facility; the claims sounding in money arising out of the operation of the facility both during the period of the agreement between the parties and subsequent to that agreement;. The agsa requested the dlca to disclose all transactions above R 2 million that were approved by the Head of the Entity, as irregular expenditure, as it was noted that the dlca will need to get legal advice on this matter. The Accounting officer acknowledges that he is ultimately responsible for the system of internal financial control established by the entity and place considerable importance on maintaining a strong control environment. The external auditors are responsible for independently reviewing and reporting on the entitys annual financial statements. On derecognition of a financial asset in its entirety, the difference between the carrying amount and the sum of the consideration received is recognised in surplus or deficit. The procedures selected depend on the auditors judgement, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, whether due to fraud or error.

Table 13: Budget. This meant that the card was produced and only released once the dltcs had settled the account or made a payment arrangement for the outstanding balance. Page: 66 Part E: Financial Information Accounting Policies.11 Impairment of non-cash-generating assets Cash-generating assets are those assets held by the entity with the primary objective of generating a commercial return. One SMS message was sent out to inform the applicant when the card application has been received, and another when the card is ready for collection. It is unlikely that the amendment will have a material impact on the entitys annual financial statements. The increase in revenue is as a result of an increase in the number of cards produced and delivered in 2015/16. Employee benefits are below budget due to appointment of staff that was delayed beyond scheduled. Employee benefits were below budget due to appointment of staff that was delayed beyond scheduled. Page: 61 Part E: Financial Information Accounting Policies An intangible asset is recognised when: it is probable that the expected future economic benefits or service potential that are attributable to the asset will flow to the entity;. The entity made an appropriate estimate of useful lives, residual values and depreciation method of the assets based on information available at previous reporting dates. The Entity established its own human resources function in the year under review, however, the function is not yet fully capacitated. Financial instruments at cost. Implementation of the Mobile Live Enrollment Units the mobile version of the LEU will be rolled out for those areas that do not have connectivity.

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2016 7,252 28,757 Trade and other receivable from exchange transactions Trade receivables Cards produced but not yet delivered Trade and other receivables (impairments) 24,140 (1,164) (1,096) 28,757 (7,904) (6,338) 21,880 14,515 Driving Licence Card Account does not hold any collateral as security. Presentation Interest relating to a financial instrument or a component that is a financial liability is recognised as revenue or expense in surplus or deficit. Revenue increased by 7 compared to prior year. Amounts in the forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers financial statements are presented in South African Rand and rounded to the nearest R000. The amortised cost of a financial asset or financial liability is the amount at which the financial asset or financial liability is measured at initial recognition, minus principal repayments, plus or minus the cumulative amortisation using the effective interest. The effective date of the amendment is for years beginning on or after The entity expects to adopt the amendment for the first time in the 2016 annual financial statements. Inspired by the vision of Batho Pele, the dlcas focus is service delivery. The Management Executive Committee is responsible for the management of the Entitys risks. 1.16 Cost of sales When inventories are sold, the carrying amount of those inventories is recognised as an expense in the period in which the related revenue is recognised. The Annual Report has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines on the Annual Report, as issued by National Treasury. It is based on information that is managed internally on the entitys financial management system The maturity profiles of the financial instruments are summarised as follows: 2016 Financial assets Trade and other receivables Inventory Cash and cash equivalents Financial libilities. Suppliers not on the sita database The dlca used value for money as the entity found that the suppliers that are registered on the sita database are more expensive.

Valuation techniques include using recent arms length market transactions between knowledgeable, willing parties, if available, reference to the current fair value of another instrument that is substantially the same, discounted cash flow analysis and option pricing models. I conducted my audit in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing. I did not raise any material findings on the usefulness and reliability of the reported performance information for the following objective: Enhance performance and efficiency of the transport sector. Other expenses were below budget due to cost control on stationery and entertainment expenses. In the previous financial year, the Entity issued a notification to all users barring the use of the Image-Scanning Sheets (ISS except for the areas where there are no Live Capture Units installed.

forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers

It furthermore covers: Definitions, recognition, derecognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure, transitional provisions, as well as the effective date. 1.20 Comparative figures Where necessary, comparative figures have been reclassified to conform to changes in presentation in the current year. Treasury Regulations Paragraph.5.3 states that the head of the trading entity must review rates for user charges at least annually before the budget, and any tariff increases are subject to approval by the relevant treasury. Failure to submit all the requested documents will result in the application not being considered. Enquiries : Ms DF Ngidi Tel No: (011) 933 0134.

Report of the auditor- general to Parliament on the - PDF Free

The amount of any reversal of any write-down of inventories, arising from an increase in net realisable value, is recognised as a reduction in the amount of inventories recognised as an expense in the period in which the reversal occurs. These controls are monitored throughout the entity and all employees are required to maintain the highest ethical standards in ensuring the entitys business is conducted in a manner that in all reasonable circumstances is above reproach. No restrictions have been placed on the use of cash and cash equivalents for the operations of the entity. New LEU - Desktop version Operator view Page: 26 Figure. Service delivery improvement plan Issues such as strikes, breakdown of the card production equipment and lack of capacity at the driving licence testing centers, negatively impact on the speedy delivery of service.g. Fair value less costs to sell is the amount obtainable from the sale of an asset in an arms length transaction between knowledgeable, willing parties, less the costs of disposal. The reasons for deviation were not accepted by Auditor General. The information disclosed in accordance with this Standard shall be provided for each material principalagent arrangement and in aggregate for other principal-agent arrangements. An impairment loss is recognised for a cash-generating unit if the recoverable amount of the unit is less than the carrying amount of the unit.

To enable the Accounting officer to meet these responsibilities, the pfma sets standards for internal control aimed at reducing the risk of error or deficit in a cost effective manner. The objective of my tests was to identify reportable findings as described under each subheading but not to gather evidence to express assurance on these matters. The rationale is that the entity would not replace or reproduce the asset with a like asset if the asset to be replaced or reproduced is an overdesigned or overcapacity asset. 29.3 Employee costs Personnel benefits are below budget due to the appointment of staff that was delayed beyond schedule. Implementation of the Live Enrollment Units to ensure that the acceptable quality of images and information required for card production is captured. The entity also utilises the services of GearUp Couriers for the delivery of cards. Newly created rights and obligations are measured at their fair values at that date. It is anticipated that this will enable the dltcs to ensure that driving licence applicants are serviced within a maximum of 25 minutes. Annual financial statements, performance and annual reports. As a minimum, the following are regarded as related parties of the reporting entity: A person or a close member of that persons family is related to the reporting entity if that person: - has control or joint control.

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Internal audit AND audit committees The mission of Internal Audit and Audit comittees is to provide an independent, objective assurance and consulting service designed to add value and improve the dlcas operations, and to help accomplish objectives by bringing a systematic. Risk management The Internal Audit activity evaluates the effectiveness, and contributes to the improvement of risk management processes. Gauteng and Free State Provinces have maintained good payment record throughout the financial year, and Mpumalanga Province has drastically improved their payment trend during the financial year. Without modification or repackaging) or based on any available observable market data. Duties : Render a nursing service within the scope of practice of a Professional Nurse. 1.6 Trade and other payables from exchange transactions Trade and other payables from exchange transactions are initially measured at fair value plus transaction costs that are directly attributable to the acquisition and are subsequently measured at amortised cost using the effective interest rate method. Significant uncertainty related to arbitration matters. The initial concept of the card has been finalised, and is pending approval by the SSA. The Internal Audit units formal scope of work is to determine whether the organisations network of risk management, control and governance processes as designed and represented by management, is adequate and functioning in a manner to ensure the achievement of its objectives.

Page: 21 Part B: Performance Information Table 4: Number of cards produced and delivered province produced delivered orders received spoiled/ cancelled orders Eastern Cape 159,105 158,759 160,885 2,339 Free State Province 108,126 108,894 107,770 1,439 Gauteng 813,022 812,199 808,035 7,803 KwaZulu-Natal. Goods and services of a transaction value above R500 000 were procured without inviting competitive bids, as required by treasury regulations 16A6.1. Applicants are not informed timeously to collect their licences from the dltcs. The Audit Committee provides the independent oversight of the Entitys system of risk management. At, the dlca did not consider there to be any significant concentration of credit risk which had not been adequately provided for. Revisions to accounting estimates are recognised in the period in which the estimate is revised if the revision affects only that period or in the period of the revision and future forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers periods if the revision affects both the current and future periods. To further embed risk management within the Entity, the Risk Management Policy was adopted, which sets out the Entitys overall intention with regard to Risk Management. 29.2 Interest received Interest received is higher than the budgeted amount as the entity had anticipated to buy the live enrolment units in the 2015/16 financial year, as a result excess funds were invested and yielded higher returns than budgeted for. Contingent enclities liabilities Section 53(3) of the pfma states that a public entity may not accumulate surpluses unless prior written approval of the National Treasury has been obtained. 1.19 Translation of foreign currencies Foreign currency transactions A foreign currency transaction is recorded, on initial recognition in Rands, by applying to the foreign currency amount the spot exchange rate between the functional currency and the foreign currency at the date of the transaction. Provision for impairment is done at amortised cost. Of dltcs per Province dltcs received Training dltcs not Trained.

Comparative figures Certain comparative figures have been reclassified. The production and delivery of driving licence cards ordered during the year 2015/16 was achieved satisfactorily. Develop a new secure drivers licence design. Page: 67 Part E: Financial Information Accounting Policies Impairment of non-cash-generating assets Reversal of an impairment loss The entity assesses at each reporting date whether there is any indication that an impairment loss recognised in prior periods for a non-cash-generating. The entity derecognises a financial asset only when: the contractual rights to the cash flows from the financial asset expire, are settled or waived; the entity transfers to another party substantially all of the risks and rewards of ownership. Grade 2: R297 516 per annum (Plus benefits). The amount of the loss is recognised in surplus or deficit. Have facial recognition capability, so that the photos taken comply with International Civil Aviation Organisation (icao) standards.

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The contractual negotiations with the bidder were finalised on the 15th January 2016. Candidates must please communicate with departmental contact persons to ascertain whether vacancies are still available in categories which are of interest to them. Financial assets measured at amortised cost: If there is objective evidence that an impairment loss on financial assets measured at amortised cost has been incurred, the amount of the loss is measured as the difference between the assets carrying. For financial assets and financial liabilities measured at amortised cost or cost, a gain or loss is recognised in surplus or deficit when the financial asset or financial liability is derecognised or impaired, or through the amortisation process. Irrespective of whether there is any indication of impairment, the entity also tests a non-cash-generating intangible asset with an indefinite useful life or a non-cash-generating intangible asset not yet forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers available for use for impairment annually by comparing its carrying amount with its recoverable service amount. The Audit Committee is furnished with quarterly risk management progress reports and risk profiles, and registers to execute their independent oversight role. Since the take-over of the production facility, there was a need to create the Corporate Services, Supply Chain Management, Production and Service Delivery functions to ensure effective operations of the Entity.

The committee held six meetings in the 2015/16 financial year, comprising of four regular audit committee meetings and two special audit committee meetings. Judgments, estimates and assumptions The preparation of annual financial statements in conformity with grap requires management to make judgments, estimates and assumptions that affect the application of policies and reported amounts of assets and liabilities, income and expenses. The result of the verification indicated that most of the LCU components were noted as either not in the excellent condition of work or needed to be repaired and maintained. This was due forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers to be rolled out in 2015/16, however due to the ongoing legal battle with the service provider and the taking over of the card production facility the project was delayed and will now be rolled out in 2016/17. For the purposes of the Cash Flow Statement, cash and cash equivalents comprise cash on hand and deposits held on call with banks.

Debt impairement was incorrectly classified as the other income. 60 21,880 296,902 14,515 203,549 318,782 218,064 Financial liabilities by category Trade and other payables from exchange transations Page: 84 18,209 7,694 Part E: Financial Information Notes to the Annual Financial Statements R000 R000 82,000 43,484 10,473 5,012 20, (2,359). Approval of financial statements 8,856 310 9,166 - The Annual Financial Statements set out on pages 5 to 43 have been approved by the Accounting Officer. Trade discounts and rebates are deducted in arriving at the cost. Effectiveness and efficiency of operations. I considered internal forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers control relevant to my audit of the financial statements, annual performance report and compliance with legislation. Unacceptable quality of images will be rejected at the source, thereby ensuring that only the correct information reaches the card production facility. Page: 65 Part E: Financial Information Accounting Policies Cash-generating units If there is any indication that an asset may be impaired, the recoverable amount is estimated for the individual asset. Maintain a constructive working relationship with nursing and other stakeholders. The replacement cost and reproduction cost of an asset is determined on an optimised basis. Centre : Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital, requirements : Basic R425 qualification or equivalent qualification that allows registration with the sanc as a Professional Nurse. Application to retain 2014/15 surpluses of R43,484,000 has been submitted to National Treasury and still waiting for approval. When a lease includes both land and buildings elements, the entity assesses the classification of each element separately.

OF dltcs eastern cape 1,118 5 free state - - gauteng - - 1, kwazulu-natal limpopo mpumalanga 3,492 9 north west 708 7 northern cape 589 7 western cape 1,643 2 total 9,491 35 For the period under review. After a reversal of an impairment loss is recognised, the depreciation (amortisation) charge for the non-cash-generating asset is adjusted in future periods to allocate the non-cash-generating assets revised carrying amount, less its residual value (if any on a systematic basis over its remaining useful life. The dlca is currently finalizing an organizational structure which seeks to ensure effective and efficient execution of its mandate. CFO, chief Financial Officer, dLCA, driving Licence Card Account, dLTC. If the cash inflows generated by any asset or cash- generating unit are affected by internal transfer pricing, the entity uses managements best estimate of future price(s) that could be achieved in arms length transactions in estimating: the future. Fingerprint material base sets, consumables AND image-scanning sheets This entails the provision and delivery of single or sets of consumables for fingerprint material, and distribution of image scanning sheets (form ISS) in duplicate, together with barcode and adhesive,. A reversal of an impairment loss for a non-cash-generating asset is recognised immediately in surplus or deficit.

forex vacancies in gauteng government general workers