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If you've made less than five posts, you can have your username deleted by submitting a help request. . Be transparent Members who are associated with a product or service should make that fact obvious. You can view our example here. Many trading strategies are based on a process, This Moving Momentum strategy provides charts with a means to trade in the direction of the bigger trend. Do not waste your time trying to find valuable information through Forexfactory Page 1.

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And if you are doing a good job in your trading, you will see a growth in your equity like this chart below. Position and Placement These settings allow you to specify where the Trade Explorer appears on the website, and in what position it appears when you have more than one. Any criticism of these people and best are suspended. Take care buddy going to miss you cliff sorry to see you go mate as i said to you before i think you made this place more fun and interesting particularly in the news section all the best mate what happened? Forex Factory is entirely focused on curating forex-market information for traders. . Please note that session times will shift by one hour in the Spring and Fall due to daylight saving time.

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If you like to learn how to anticipate market movements and stop using lagging indicators, then you will absolutely love our Sniper Trading System. The forex factory membership reason why is because it measures. Profit by days shown clearly by Forex Factory Trade Explorer. Your patience with the current system is appreciated. Please note that live feeds will persistently use your computer's processing power and network connection.

Enter Your Name and Email Below to Download Now. No personal agendas Forex Factory may not be used for personal agendas such as ego boosting, gaining attention, or exacting revenge. Click here to learn more on Profit By Friday. If the time is off by one hour, you most likely have the DST option on the wrong setting. We don't turn our clocks back until Factory. FF is a globalist's hustler.

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Side note: Profit By Friday is still open to accept new subscribers. I must however cot that FF has totally sold out to commercial vendors - just try to post any report of a vendor and see how fast your membership is revoked. Its bad etiquette to leave the original source open to interpretation, and can appear as if youre attempting to trick others into believing you're the author. Generally, Commercial Members should be upfront, professional, and not be sneaky. The Forex forex factory membership Factory Trade Explorer is a wonderful tool to track your performance as a trader.

You can also click 'Create Trade Explorer' ( ) in the 'Trade Explorers' section of your member profile (m/yourname). It also makes for consistent communication with others viewing your Trade Explorer. This control makes for a productive trading environment where you can trade in peace. To top that off Twee forex a lot of favoritism to the "high impact members" that break forex same rules other non "high impact members" break signals magically they aren't factory or have their membership revoked. The EquityBalance toggle allows the Trade Explorer to be switched between displaying equity-based metrics and balance-based metrics. The nature of this information is primarily real-time (i.e., what's happening right now and the scope ranges from economic data to analysis from members. All"s are derived from the broker's standard (i.e., most traded) account. The Trade Explorer only requires "read" access to your brokerage account, thereby making it impossible for your funds to be accessed even if your Forex Factory account is compromised. All negative factory about brokers are removed. While this user guide only covers a fraction of the website, it will give you a great head-start in understanding the site's functionality and the thinking that goes into its development. That page also contains a 'Member Stats' block that tallies the number of members currently ranked high/medium/low. If you have more than five posts, your username cannot be deleted, as it would disrupt the conversations in which you've participated.

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Please consult several sources before executing any trade. The best deserved Red Diamond! Gold/USD CrudeOil/USD Silver/USD BrentCrude/USD Copper/USD NatGas/USD Platinum/USD HeatOil/USD Palladium/USD MDA Data Sources MDA aggregates prices in real-time from the following ECNs and market makers. Report a website bug: Submit a bug report, time Zone Settings, the Forex Factory website can be adjusted to reflect any time zone. And, learn how to manage risk by focusing on more significant trends in the currency market. Forex Factory hosts seven products: Trade Explorer, Forums, Trades, News, Calendar, Market, and, brokers.