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Aired 4-5p ET February 22, 2017 Dow Rides Winning Streak to Fresh New Record; Top Marine Le Pen Aide Placed Under Investigation; Tillerson to Talk Immigration with Mexican President; Tesla's Valuation Closing in on Ford's; South Africa Unveils. Aired 4-5p ET January 08, 2018 Trump to Speak as Oprah Considers White House Run; Apple Shareholders' Fears Over iPhone Addiction; Days of Chaos at JFK Airport; Tech World Gathers for Consumer Electronic Show 2018; Bitcoin Price Drops in Cryptocurrency. Aired 4-5p ET April 05, 2017 Trump: "I Have Responsibility" to Tackle Syria; EU Parliament Backs "Red Lines" for Brexit; Fed Looks to Trim.5 Trillion Balance Sheet; Pepsi Ad Featuring Street Protest Draws Outrage. Aired 4-5p ET September 20, 2017 Desperate Search for Survivors of Mexico Quake; Tracking Maria's Path of Destruction; IMF Can Help Quickly with Natural Disasters; Iran's President Says.S. Diplomats May Oppose Trump Order; Trump Defends Travel Ban. Aired 4-5p ET June 17, 2016 Did Not Air This Date June 16, 2016 Did Not Air This Date June 15, 2016 CNN Tours Britain Ahead of Crucial Vote; Yellen: Brexit Decision Could Impact Global Economy;.S. Forces 'Were Not Crimes.S. Anti-Terrorism Laws Go into Effect; Trump Considers Dumping Migrants into Sanctuary Cities; Sudan's Military Council Says It Will Prosecute Their Ousted President Al-Bashir, But Will Not Extradite Him. Aired 3-4p ET October online job at home without investment in pune 05, 2018 Did Not Air This Date October 04, 2018 Equities Are Sinking In The Battle Of Stocks Versus Bonds; Salesforce Chief Executive Tells Us, It's Time For Governments To Regulate; Russia And China. Members Get Daily Trade Ideas Chart Analysis From Nial Fuller Every Day. Aired 4-5p ET August 24, 2017 Trump Hits Out at Allies Over Debt Ceiling "Mess Amazon Reveals Big Changes for Whole Foods; Yellen and Draghi Head to Jackson Hole; Cloudfare CEO Explains Far-Right Site Removal; Conor McGregor: "Money.

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Trump Tweeted That The.S. Aired 4-5p ET January 04, 2018 Dow Hits 25,000 for First Time; Trump Lawyers Try to Block Bombshell Book; Intel Shares Hit by Chip Security Scare; Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Goals for 2018; Qatari Jewels Stolen from Venice Exhibition. Economy; Trump Promises Russian Hacking Report in 90 Days; Renault Faces French Probe over Diesel Emissions;.S. Defense Secretary Quits After Scandal; Trump Vows to Scrap Green Card Lottery; Facebook Faces the Music on Capitol Hill; Donald Trump Poised to Make Fed Pick; Resistance as Silicon Valley Stamps Out Trolls. Stocks Bounce Back from Early Losses. Trend: Neutral, relevant Key Levels: Resistance.60 and.40 Support:.30,.00,.50,.20.

Aired 4-5p ET August 05, 2016 Rio Prepares for Olympic Opening Ceremony; Protesters Block Olympic Torch Route; Rio Clears Last-Minute Hurdles Ahead of Olympics;.S. Aired 4-5p ET March 26, 2018 Dow Surges on Hopes for Trade Talks;.U. Can Support; At Least 10 Dead After 2 Ships Catch Fire in Kerch Strait; Venezuela Says it Put Down Mutiny Attempt; Zimbabwe Arrests Union Leader Who Helped Organize Protests; Senator Kamala Harris Jumps into Race for the White House;. Aired 4-5p ET November 27, 2015 Colorado Springs Police Chasing Gunman On The Loose Near Planned Parenthood Clinic; Black Friday Bringing Out The Worst In People; The Significance Of Black Friday and Cyber Monday To Retailers; Three Of China's Top Brokerage Houses. Pharma Under Pressure to Lower Prices;.K. Pastor Row; Russia Vows to Retaliate After New.S. Aired 4:38-5p ET July 04, 2018 For Months, Donald Trump Has Rallied Against The Referees Of Global Trade, A Person That Has Actually Been Scaling The Statue Of Liberty, One Of China's Richest Man Has Died While In A Visit. Prime Minister Losing Majority;.K. Steel Factory In Illinois; China Has Now Effectively Killed The 44 Billion Merger Between The.S. Aired 5-6p ET January 27, 2016 No End in Sight to Market Volatility; Donald Trump Versus Fox News; Zika Virus Spreading as Airlines Offer Refunds; Security Concerns in Tunisia; Iran Open.S. Note On Charts: Its imperative to your trading success that you are trading with a broker that offers. Aired 4-5p ET June 22, 2018 Shares Of European Carmakers Hit Hard By New Threats Of Trade Tariffs From President Trump, Airbus Has Put The United Kingdom On Notice, After Weeks Of Worry About High Prices And Oil Shortages. Unicef Rehabilitates Schools in Ukraine; Football Star Carli Lloyd Fights for Equal Pay; Lloyd is Now a Heineken Spokeswoman; Star Wars Day Becomes a Marketing Tool.

forex sniper signal

Aired 4-5p ET November 11, 2015 Interview with President of Microsoft; Leaders Hold New Talks on European Migrant Crisis. Aired 3-4p ET March 04, 2019.S. Could Pull Out of nafta Soon; Trump Team Outlines Massive Tax Cuts; Nigeria at a Crossroads; Entire.S. Aired 4-5p ET October 21, 2016 Reports: AT T Nearing Deal to Buy Time Warner; Cyberattack Shuts Down Several Major Websites; EU-Canada Trade Deal Falls Apart; Walloon MP: We Don't Want Companies Suing States; Duterte Backtracks: "Cannot" Sever Ties with. Aired 5-6:00p ET March 19, 2015 isis Claims Tunisia Museum Attack; Attack Targeted Tunisia Tourist Industry; Merkel Says No New Greek Deal Today; Tag Heuer to Develop Smartwatch. Over Jerusalem Vote; Ryanair on Eve of First Ever Pilot Strike; Las Vegas Prepares for Lady Gaga Residency; Bitcoin Mania Entices Penny Stocks to pivot. Army Europe General on Russian Threat. Aired 5- 6p ET March 21, 2018 Fed Chairman Says Several Factors are Supporting the Outlook, Fiscal Policy Has Become More Stimulative - Ongoing Job Gains are Boosting Incomes and Confidence - Foreign Growth is on a Firm Trajectory - Overall Financial. "Military Advisors" Arrive In Iraq; Seas Are World's Biggest Failed State, Says One Commission Member June 23, 2014 Journalists Convicted in Egypt; Interview with CEO of United Airlines; Interview with CEO of Star Alliance; Interview with CEO. Automakers Report Earnings; Ford to Cut Range of Vehicles Sold in the.S.; Microsoft, Intel Beat Forecasts with Profits and Revenue Rise; Starbucks Earnings In Line with Expectations; Strong Earnings Boost.S.

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Aired 4-5p ET October 20, 2017 Harvey Weinstein and Harassment; Harassment Scandal Spreads as Women Share Stories; Lawmakers Try to End Silence on Abuse Claims; Sexual Harassment in the Workplace; October 19, 2017 Spain Prepares for Catalonia "Nuclear. Aired 3-4p ET October 15, 2018 Saudis Prepare to Admit to Khashoggi's Murder; Ten Dead After Floods Hit Southern France; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Announce Pregnancy; Angela Merkel's Bavarian Allies Lose Majority; EU's Donald Tusk: No-Deal Brexit is More Likely Than Ever. Secret Service Tells CNN It Spoke to Trump Camp; New Batch of Clinton Emails Released; Staff: World Bank Faces "Crisis of Leadership.S. In Sale Talks With Colony Capital; Kaepernick Files Grievance Against NFL; Atlanta United's Debut Season. Aired 4-5p ET April 05, 2018 Facebook Shares Rally As Site Tweaks Data Rules; Investors Hope For Trade War Relief; Regulators Probe Facebook Over Data Privacy; UN Security Council Meets On Russia Spy Attack; Russian Ambassador Calls Poisoning Allegation Fake. Sanctions Target Putin's Inner Circle, Facebook Has Announced More Changes To The Site To Stop Election Meddling; China: We Will See Out Trade War At Any Cost; Lula da Silva Defies Arrest Warrant; Stakes Quickly Rising in China-U.S. Stocks Gain after Volatile Week; Funds for Greece's Humanitarian Crisis; Greece Plans to Recruit Tax Spies; oecd: Greece Must Tackle Foreign Bribery; Putin Wants Eastern Europe Currency Union; Lindt Cafe in Sydney Reopens after Siege. Has Not Reached Out To Beijing About New Cases in a Possible Sonic Attack; Jordan PM Withdraws Controversial Tax Law;.K. Aired 4-5p ET September 09, 2016 Facebook Stops Censorship of Iconic War Photo; JD Wetherspoon Chief:.K.

Supreme Court Lets Transgender Military Ban Take Effect; Roma, The Favorite Lead with 10 Oscar Nominations Each; Zimbabwe Finance Minister Says Recent Protests About Increase in Fuel Prices Were Planned; Trump's Lawyer Tries Cleaning Up Moscow Tower Comments; VTB Chairman. Aired 4-5p ET November 03, 2017.S. Australia's opposition Labor Party says, TPP should be put on hold indefinitely. Aired 4-5p ET July 06, 2016 Report: addam Posed No Imminent Threat in 2003; Dow Gains After Release of Fed Minutes; Clinton Attacks Trump's Business in Atlantic City; Former Executive Defends Trump's Atlantic City Legacy; Blair: British Soldiers. Strikes Brexit Deal with European Union; Tough Losses for Bitcoin as Craze Continues; Solid Jobs Numbers Pushes Wall Street to Record; DUP Says, No "Cherry Picking" in Final Brexit Deal; EU and Japan Agree on Free Trade Deal. Business; Apple Shares Fall More Than 6 Percent; Challenges and Opportunities for Oil Producers. Aired 4-5p ET August 02, 2017 Trump Backs Plan to Curb Legal Immigration; German Car Bosses Discuss Diesel Emissions; Instagram Founder on Snapchat Battle; Dow Breaks 22,000 for the First Time; Barcelona Confirms Neymar Wants to Leave. Aired 4-5p ET June 08, 2016 Did Not June 07, 2016 Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Nomination; Sanders Influencing Clinton Economic Policies; Ryan Calls Trump Remarks Racist, Still Backs Him; Trump: Comments on Judge Misconstrued;.K. Is Carrying Out Air Strikes on Iraq; Perfect Storm for the Markets? Aired 4-5p ET June 03, 2015 Explosive New Information.S. Aired 4-5p ET January 10, 2018 A boost for the Trump Economy, a massive new auto plant in the state of Alabama. Aired: 3-4p ET September 25, 2018 Donald Trump Says, opec Is Ripping Off The Rest Of The World; Donald Trump Also Told World Leaders At The Un That Of Course, He Rejects Globalism; Comedian Bill Cosby Has. If you cannot find a specific segment, check back later.

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Aired: 3-4p ET January 03, 2019 China has sneezed, Apple catches the cold; A Giant Medical Merger Sees One Share Price Surge, The Other One Falls Sharply; Leading The Democrats In The House Of Representatives Is Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Democrat Nancy Pelosi Elected.S. Aired 4-4:30p ET April 09, Countries Join China-Led Investment Bank; US Markets Stage Late Rally to Close Higher; Zynga Shares Fall; Greece Makes Crucial 497 Million Payment; Cyber Attack Shuts Down French TV Network; Cyber Security; Make, Create, Innovate: Preserving Threatened. Accused of Sexual forex sniper signal Harassment. Govt Says Will Be Consequences for British Companies; EU Parliament President Says Can Have Win-Win Deal with Britain March 28, 2017 Trump Signs Order Dismantling Obama Climate Action;.K. Aired 4-5p ET July 10, 2018 Before President Trump Took Off From Washington, He Repeated His Demand That America's Allies Pay More For Their Defense; Tesla Is Mapping Out Its Own Future As It's Set To Build A Massive.

Rejects Trump's Call for New Ambassador;.K. Aired 4-5p ET October 09, 2017 British Prime Minister Defends Handling of Brexit; Streep Slams Weinstein After Movie forex sniper signal Mogul Fired; Behavior Expert Wins Novel Economics Prize. Supreme Court Has Upheld A Federal Judge's Order That Blocks The Trump Administration From Implementing New Asylum Restrictions; The Brexit Uncertainty Is Expected To Stall.K. Aired 4-5p ET June 29, 2017 Sharp Losses for Stocks Amid Volatile Trading; Lawmakers Appalled by Trump's Twitter Outburst; Major Murdoch Takeover Delayed.K.;.S. Trump's transition team says the President-elect will start renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. Aired 4-5p ET September 06, 2016 CNN Poll: Voters Pick Trump to Handle Economy; Fox Settles Ailes Harassment Case; Renzi: Italian Referendum Before December 5th; First Report Released into Fatal Dubai Crash; Redrow Posts Record Profits After Brexit; Trump Charity's Donations.

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Aired 4-5p ET October 30, 2015.S. Aired 4-5p ET November 23, 2017 Chinese Stocks Suffer Steep Drop; High Hopes for Zimbabwe's New Leader; No Dialogue between GCC Countries on Oil Policy; Dollar Falls on Weak Inflation Fears; Search for Argentine Navy Sub in Critical Phase; Schulz. Productions Falls to Lowest Since 2013; Scuoler: I Expect Bank of England Stimulus; Trump in Dispute with Fallen Soldier's Parents; Olympic Games Begin in Four Days; Typhoon Nida Shuts Down Hong Kong; Venezuela Decrees Forced Labor; CNN Obtains Rare Access forex sniper signal to Theranos Lab. Aired 3-4p ET September 18, 2018 Trump and Polish President Discusses Trade Tensions with.U. September 10, 2015 Many Trapped by Japan's Rising Flood Waters; China Says Growth Targets Still Within Reach; China Promises to Prevent "Hard Landing Chinese Growth; Dow Closes Higher as Volatility Continues; S P Downgrades Brazil to Junk; European. Aired 4-5p ET June 02, 2015 Sepp Blatter to Step Down as fifa President; Looking Back at Blatter's Career; Blatter's Allies and Enemies; Desperate Search After Chinese Ship Disaster June 01, 2015 opec to Keep Oil Output High;. Lawmakers Investigate Reports of Flynn-Backed Efforts to Export Nuclear Technology to Saudi Arabia; British Teen Who Joined isis is Being Stripped of Her British Citizenship; Macron Condemns Vandalism of Jewish Graves; Catholic Officials Ashamed of Sex Abuse of Children; Honda to Close.K. Aired 4-5p ET July 03, 2018 Bruce Heyman, Former.S. And China Closer Together;.S. At Rock Bottom;.K. Has Decided Not To Ground The Fleet Of Boeing 737 MAX 8; Cardinal George Pell Faces Sentencing For Child Sex Abuse. 1 Injures Ankle - Puts Open Championship In Doubt; At Least 44 People Killed In Two Bombings In Nigeria; Talks In Vienna Over Iran's Nuclear Program Deadline; Obama To Speak On isis Fight.

forex sniper signal

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Study: Shoe Color Could Decide Job Success; September 01, 2016 SpaceX Rocket Explodes on Launch Pad; Hermine Now a Hurricane, Bearing Down.S. Impose Heavy Tariff on China's Steel Imports?; "Black Panther" Premiere. Tourism Leaders Prepare for Brexit; Trump Poised to Pull Out of Paris Climate Deal; Tourism as forex sniper signal a Campaign Issue in the.K. Council President, Donald Tusk This Week; Preparations For The Royal Wedding Are Well And Truly Underway; Ford Is Due To Restart Production Of Its Most Popular Vehicle On Friday; Trump: Nothing Has Changed on North Korea; Ebola Outbreak in Congo. Aired 4-5p ET January 15, 2018 Carillion Collapse Puts Thousands of Jobs at Risk; 77 Hurt as Floor Collapses at Jakarta Stock Exchange; Five Days until.S. Pubs; Food Brands Combine in Mega Merger; Over 200 Million Worth of Goods Seized from Former Malaysian PM's Properties. Out of EU; Cameron Urges.K. Security Council Holds Crisis Meeting on North Korea; Son of Late Saudi King Released from Detention. Aired: 3-4p ET December 05, 2018 French Government Abandons Fuel Tax; China Issues Upbeat But Vague.S. Plans to Send Combustion Engines to the Scrapheap; General Strike Grips Venezuela; ; July 25, 2017 Trump Slams Sessions at White House; Stock Markets Roll to Fresh Records; Zuckerberg and Musk Trade.I.

forex sniper signal

Aired 4-5p ET August 30, 2018 Washington Versus Silicon Valley; Senators Follow Donald Trump's Lead By Calling Out Google; Argentina Is Taking Increasingly Dramatic Measures To Rescue Its Economy; This Week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Accused The.S. September 04, 2015 Dow Loses Over 270 Points After US Jobs Report; European Stocks Lower on Rate Hike Fears; Breaking News: Hungarian Government to Send Buses to Migrants on Highway; Egyptian Billionaire Says He'll Buy Island for Refugees. Aired 4-5p ET January 01, 2018 Donald Trump Mixes Oval Office with Corner Office; Business Leader Battle Trump Over Climate Change; Says Trump Showed Wrong Kind of Leadership; Trump Replaces Yellen with Powell at Fed; Bostic Says Americans Fear Automation's. Stocks Gain on Strong Jobs Report. Aired 4-5p ET May 16, 2018 French Oil Tank, Total, Is Ready To Pull Out Of Iran; Donald Trump Is Sending More Mixed Messages Over ZTE; Investors Are Scrambling For A Piece Of The Blockchain Bonanza; The Permian. May 09, 2019, facebook Co-Founder Calls To Break Up Company; Khodorkovsky Says That Kremlin Meddles In Elections Wherever It Can; Trump Welcomes Boston Red Sox To The White House. Aired 4-5p ET August 11, 2017 Trump Issues Fresh Warning to North Korea; Kenyatta Declared Victor in Kenyan Election; Snap Shares Price Plumbs New Lows; Google Scraps All- Hands Meeting at Last Minute; Tainted Egg Scandal Hits European Union.

Immigration Policy Must Appreciate Diversity; Zuckerberg and Clinton Lay Out Political Visions.S. Aired 4-5p ET January 29, 2018 Food and Beverage Merger Sends Stocks Soaring; VW Investigating Emission Tests on Monkeys; David Beckham Speaks About His New Miami forex sniper signal Team; President of Zimbabwe Won't Campaign for Gay Rights January. If you are using an expert advisor you have to be especially careful and make sure you test and test again. Stronger; Chaos Erupts at New Mexico Trump Rally; Chinese Vice Finance Minister Says Trade Brings.S. Parliament Votes on EU Withdrawal Bill/ Aired 4:30-4:40p ET September 08, 2017 Richard Quest Discusses Business. Campaign Trail; Clinton: We Need to Counter Terrorism Online; Wells Fargo CEO Heads to Senate Over Fraud. And UAE Resolve Gulf Carriers Dispute; Tom Wolfe, Author Who Satirized Wall Street Dies; TMZ: Meghan Markle's Father Changes His Mind, Wants to Attend Daughter's Wedding. Aired 4-5p ET January 02, 2018 Iran Blames Protests on Enemies; Wall Street Hits New Highs on 2018 Debut; Trump Takes Credit for Air Safety Record; BP Braces for Big Bill After.S. Aired 4-5p ET June 24, 2016 Did Not Air June 22, 2016 Traders Fear Brutal Market Volatility; Voters in Britain Go to the Polls on Thursday; Lawson: Experts Don't Always Get It Right; Wall Street Lower On Brexit Concerns;. Girl Found Alive Months After Parents Killed; Trump Says He Won't Declare National Emergency Right Now;.K. Aired 4-5p ET October 05, 2017 Catalan Banks Debate Shifting Headquarters; Harvey Weinstein Apologizes for Sexual Harassment; Trump to "Decertify" Iran Deal; Netflix Shares Hit All-Time High; Trump Calls for Investigation Into "Fake News October 04, 2017 Trump Speaks. National Park Service Turns 100; Park Service Has 12 Billion Backlog of Projects August 24, 2016.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Central Italy, At Least 120 Dead; Clinton Winning Silicon Valley Fundraising Battle; The Dow Ends Lower; Poroshenko: Putin Wants. Aired 4-5p ET May 30, 2017.K.

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Relations with Pakistan have Improved; Trump Says it's Likely that a Trade Deal with China will Happen; A New Source Tells CNN a Mueller Report is not Expected Next Week;. Aired 4-5p ET September 21, 2016 Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Unchanged;.S. Will Not Spin Off Alibaba Stake; South African President Removes Finance Minister; North Face Founder Dies at 72; Maine's Booming Lobster Industry; DuPont and Dow Considering Merger; The Journey to Machu Picchu; The Grammar of Texting; A Look Into "Hacktivism". April 25, 2019, sri Lanka Death Toll Significantly Downgraded to 253; Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank Merger Talks Collapse; Macron Addresses Nation After Months of Protests. Aired 4-5p ET November 16, 2017.S. Industry Leaders Push Trump Administration to End China's Rare Earth Minerals Monopoly; CNN Exposes Child Slavery on Ghana's Lake Volta; Panama's Flag Carrier Named the Most Punctual Airline. Aired 4-5p ET July 29, 2016.S. Tourism Boss Hails Industry Resilience; Doha Bank CEO says Qatar Dealing with "New Normal". Aired 4-5p ET August 09, 2016 Carl Icahn Backs Trumps New Economic Plan; Trump Says Hillary Wants to Abolish the 2nd Amendment;.S. Aired 4-5p ET January 22, 2016 World Economic Outlook. Tech Industry Expects Record Sales in 2019;.S. Express Frustration Over Brexit Talks;.S. And Canada Fail to Reach a nafta Deal on Friday; Canadian Foreign Minister Speaks to the Press After.S.

Reveal Results; Earnings Drag Down US Stocks; Nigeria's Economy Hit By Low Oil Prices; Nigeria's Broken Oil Economy July 20, 2015 Sepp Blatter Confirms He's Leaving fifa; fifa to Elect New President February 26; Coca-Cola Pushes fifa for Independent. Aired 4-5p ET February 03, 2016 Men's Fashion Week; ChemChina to Buy Syngenta; Oil Price Jumps; Yahoo Boss Parties While Company Loses Money?; French Drug Maker Sanofi Working Toward Zika Virus Vaccine. Security Council Votes on Syrian Civil War; Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Steps Down After Arrest; New Economic Tensions Between Russia and Ukraine; Spanish Elections Amid Economic Uncertainties. Aired 4-5p ET August 14, 2017 Chief Executives Speak Out on Virginia Violence; Trump Orders China Trade Crackdown; Dow Rallies Back Past 22,000; On Dead as Car Rams into Pizzeria Outside Paris; Google, GoDaddy refuse to Register Far Right Website. Aired: 4- 5p ET March 26, 2019 Parliament Is Seizing Control Of Brexit; Boeing Is Now Bringing Pilots And Airlines To Look At The New Revamped 737 forex sniper signal MAX 8; Uber Buys Formal Rival. May 03, 2019, the White House Takes A Victory Lap As The American Jobs Juggernaut Rolls On; Warren Buffett Is Finally Adding Some Amazon Shares To His Basket; India's Most Powerful Cyclone In 20 Years; Disney Shows Off New Star Wars Theme Park;.K. Aired 4-5p ET June 04, 2015 Greece Bundles Four IMF Payments into One; Investors Eye Greece's Long-Term Potential; Pickens Says Saudis Made the.S. Market Gains Fizzle, Trump Pressures Fed on Rates; GE Rallies, Launching "Internet of Things" Company; Virgin Galactic Completes Successful Space Flight. Markets, Close Higher; Amazon Ends Session at All-Time Closing High.

Channel Is Reporting That The Syrian Military Has "Confronted And Destroyed Two Israeli Missiles; Businesses In Iran That Signed Deals After Sanctions Ended Are Watching Their Investments Nervously;.S. Aired 4-5p ET May 17, 2016.S. Aired: 4-5p ET August 09, 2018 Boeing CEO Discusses the Future of the Aerospace Industry; Tribune Calls Off Merger with Sinclair; Turkish Lira Hits Record Low Over.S. Stocks Smash Records in 2017; Bitcoin Goes Mainstream; Entrepreneur Spurs Cyber Revolution in Nigeria; Key Issues Unresolved as Brexit Looms; Holiday Music Turns Shoppers Sour; "The Grand Tour Interview with Satya Nadella; Smart Clothing Promises to Ruin Paparazzi Photos; World's Longest Flight. Aired 4-5p ET February 17, 2016 Turkey: Terror Attack Kills 28; White forex sniper signal House: FBI Not Seeking iPhone "Back Door Cook: Government Asking.S. Org Recovering; Global Health Care Disparities; Larry Summers on Health Care Solutions; Cyber Monday; Mobile Dominance; Amazon Delivery Drones December 02, 2013 Did Not Air November 29, 2013 Ukraine Divided; Ukraine Pro-EU Rally; Yanukovych on EU Deal; Ukraine Protests; Black. Shale Deal; EA Sports Falls 6 Percent on Disappointing Outlook;.S. Aired 4-5p ET September 02, 2016 Rate Rise Chances Dwindle after.S.

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Pastor's Release; Turks Anxious of Weakened Currency; Trump Postpones Military Parade; WWE Stars Ring the nyse Closing Bell; Crazy Rich Asians on Track to Top the Meg at Box Office; Amazon's Twitch Becomes Full-Time Job for Video Gamers. Aired 4-5p ET May 02, 2016 Spurs Lead Chelsea 2-1 in Second Half; CNN Poll: A Look at Bitcoin; Clinton, Trump Seen as Likely Nominees; CNN Poll: Republicans Want Cruz to Drop Out; Leicester Secured First English Premier League. Aired 4-5p ET September 01, 2017 Immigrants in Houston Face Double Threat; Kenyan Supreme Court Orders New Presidential Election; nafta Negotiations Resume After Trumps Threat; Harvey Exposes Failing Infrastructure; Companies Find Creative Ways to Help Harvey Victims. Aired: 4-5p ET June 13, 2018 A Common Bond Ties The.S., Canada And Mexico - Football; Is This Cartoon Economics And Why Should We Care About Coyote?; AT T Is Now Going To Complete The Deal For Time Warner;. Aired 4-5p ET August 15, 2016 Trump Unveils Anti-Terrorism Plan; Trump's Campaign Chief Under Investigation; Wade Van Niekerk Runs World Record 400 Meter;.S. Aired 4-5p ET September 16, 2016 Deutsche Bank Shares Plummet Over Fine Fears; EU Council: Brexit Process to Begin in 2017; Slovakian Foreign Minister: EU Needs a Refresh but is the Best We Have; Trump Finally Admits. Aired 3:30-4p ET April 08, 2019 At Least 8 Dead in Anti-Government Protests in Sudan;.S. Return to Transcripts main page, quest means business, note: This page is continually updated as new transcripts become available. Hits Chinese Aluminum with New Duties; Kenyan Candidate Says Election Was Hacked. Lays Out Post-Brexit Plan; Did Trump Avoid Paying Taxes for 18 Years; Facebook Launches Messenger Lite; New York Attorney General Orders Trump Foundation to Cease Fundraising; Kim Kardashian West Robbed at Gunpoint; China Cracks Down on TV Content. Imposes Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs; Amazon's Alexa Records and Shares Private Conversations; Oil Price Drop Pushes Down Energy Stocks; Italian, Spanish Stocks Fall Amid Political Uncertainty. Aired 4-5p ET October 26, 2016 Two Earthquakes Strike Central Italy; Bloomberg Florida Poll: Trump Leads Clinton by 2 Points;.1 and.1 Earthquakes Strike Central Italy; Trump Cuts Ribbon at hotel in Washington; Presidential Campaign Impacting Trump's Brand; Branson. Stocks Fall Ahead Of Earnings Week; Chinese Stocks Rise Amid Stimulus Hopes; Tobacco Giant Launches Controversial Ad; Richard Quests Visits Kenya; Dow, S P 500 Fall Before Closing Bell.

Upgrades Growth Forecast on Budget Day; Lagarde to Feminists: Practice What You Preach; March 07, 2017.S. Border Resumes Journey on Wednesday; Mexico Braces for a Powerful Hurricane Willa; Dow Fights Back as Closing Bell Approaches; Stocks Tumble Amid Earnings Concerns; Nasdaq Recovers After Entering Correction; Tesla Shares Surge After Short-Seller U-Turn; Billions Up for Grabs.S. Aired 3-4p ET December 12, 2018 Did Not Air December 11, 2018 At Least One Dead in forex sniper signal Strasbourg in a Shooting Incident in France; Fireworks Erupt During Meeting Between Trump and Top Democrats; Gunman Kills Five at Church in Brazil; Former. Warns Countries to Quit Iranian Oil; India Spares Harley-Davidson from its Retaliation Tariffs; Toyota Revamps Corolla to Attract Millennials; Aston Martin Unveils New Supercar June 25, 2018 Stock Markets Are Sinking As Trade Fears Take Hold; Harley-Davidson Looks. Rejects New Copyright Rules; Boeing, Embraer Team Up to Make Jets Together. Gender Pay Gap Under Scrutiny; Mexico Tightens Security for.S.

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Plans Next Move After North Korea Missile; Juncker Furious with No-Show Lawmakers; Stock Price Glitch Spook Tech Investors; WPP CEO: Huge Opportunities to Be Found in Iran; Stella McCartney Turning Ocean Plastic into Fashion. Trade Idea: We will consider being a seller from the current bearish pin bar fakey signal / or sell short if prices break below.30 support, targeting.00 and.50. Markets Struggle for Gains. Lawmakers and the Visa Waiver Program; Interview with Maurice Levy; A Sea Change in Maine. After completing your tests take advantage of all the free platform demos out there. Risks Never Leaving EU if Brexit Deal is Rejected Again; Electricity Out Across Most of Venezuela; SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns from ISS; Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls to Break Up Big Tech; Norway's Sovereign Wealth Fund Cashes Out. Aired 5-5:30p ET March 24, 2015 DID NOT AIR March 23, 2015.U. Economy Keeps Its 100 Straight Months Of Job Growth; It Is Shaping Up To Be A Bad Year For The Chinese Economy; Foxconn Going Ahead with Wisconsin Plant After Trump Call; Effective Today, The Jim Yong Kim Has. January 02, 2015 US Imposes New Sanctions on North Korea; Russian Government Moves to Help Banks; Russians Seek Help as Ruble Plummets; Lithuania Adopts Euro; Draghi Plans to Tackle Inflation; Piketty Refuses France's Highest Honor; Montblanc Enters Smartwatch Market; Classic. Aired 4-5 January 22, 2018 Trump Destined for Davos After Shutdown Breakthrough; Markets at Records on Eve of World Economic Forum; World Economic Forum Calls on Leaders to Mend Fractured World; kpmg Chairman Warns of Geopolitical Dangers; IHG. Stocks Pause After Strong Start to 2019 January 10, 2019 Congo Election Results Disputed; Paul Whelan Appeals Against Russian Detention; Car Makers to Shed Thousands of Jobs in Europe; Macy's Stock Plunges After Cutting Sales Forecast; Investors React to Earnings, Fed,.S. Aired 4-5p ET February 23, 2018 Trump Warns of "Phase Two" if North Korea Sanctions Fail; Major Companies Pull Support from NRA; Dropbox Files for IPO as Stock Soar; Facebook Co-Founder Looks to Tackle Inequality; Dubai at the Forefront of Disaster Aid Logistics. Aired 4-5p ET August 29, 2017 Did Not Air August 25, 2017 Hurricane Harvey Poised to Hammer Coast of Texas; Key Central Bankers Speak at Jackson Hole Meeting; McGregor and Mayweather Weigh-In Soon; Samsung Chief Gets Five Years for.

Commercial Drone Rules Come into Effect; Obama to Meet Erdogan at G20 Summit; Hangzhou Prepares to Host G20 in China; Astronauts Complete Year-Long Isolation Exercise. Program Tracks Unsuspecting Air Passengers. Won't Default, It can Print More Money; Saudi Arabia Replaces Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi;.S. Aired 4-5p ET June 27, 2017 Cyberattack Targets Global Corporate Giants; EU Hits Google with Record Fine; Facebook Reaches 2 Billion Users; Italian Finance Minister Says Banks Will Avoid Crisis; Arconic Shares Fall as London High-Rise Tests Continue. Voters to "Remain" in EU; Record Number of Voters Register for Brexit Vote; Scottish National Party Would Discuss Using Euro; Formula One CEO Favors Brexit; Ecclestone Predicts Trump Victory. Emissions Rules;.U.'s New Pollution Standards Come Into Effect September;.U.: Willing To Drop Car Tariffs If The.S.