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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! The long downwards shadow of this candlestick reflects that the.4 Fibonacci retracement level, which corresponds to 6,141.30, supported price quite well and resisted further price drop. This resistance level was breached again on March 23rd, but the market couldnt keep bitcoin price above it for long, as the price dropped again below this seemingly strong resistance level within less than 24 hours later. We can note the following: Two hammer candlesticks were formed, corresponding to Fridays and Saturdays trading sessions, on the 1 day btcusd chart. We will also keep the new Fibonacci retracement we plotted during last Wednesdays bitcoin price analysis, as shown on the below chart. Seoul has rattled its regulatory sabers since the turn of the year, moving against alleged tax evasion by bitcoin exchanges and looking to limit trading. Major Downside Risks It bears repeating that Bitcoin is an experimental project and as such, a highly risky asset. The most logical scenario is to see bitcoin price drop down to a level near the 50 period SMA (around 9,100 which will support price and reverse this price correction attempt.

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The red SMA (teeth) is above the blue SMA (jaw and both of them are below the green SMA (jaw). Bitcoin price analysis I hope everyone is doing well out there today! We can note the following: Bitcoin price overshot below the.6 Fibonacci retracement (horizontal red line on the above chart) to a day low of 10,210 during Thursdays early sessions, before rising steadily above this crucial support level. Chart from Bitfinex, hosted on m Bitcoin price analysis - failing to consolidate above 8,800 The markets bulls managed to push bitcoin price upwards to a high of 9,000 during Mondays trading sessions. Conclusion: Bitcoin price began recovering last week recording a week high of around 7,509, before dropping again below 7,000 later during the weeks trading sessions. As you can see in the charts from earlier this morning, we plotted a support/pressure line at the 3600 level. Bitcoin Price Analysis, 22 December 2018 Not too long after our post yesterday, we saw a bear dip that set a new 24H Low of 3764 and broke through the 3900 support/pressure line on Binance.

After the days high was scored, a brief price correction attempt pulled price downwards to 10,356, which is slightly below the.6 Fibonacci retracement level. On Tuesday, bitcoin price plummeted to breach the 50 Fibonacci retracement (10,941.80 which had been a significant support level during the past couple of weeks. Retracement within the next couple of days. The macd is currently in the negative territory and sloping in a downwards direction. As such, as the value is below 20, we can safely say that bitcoin is oversold. Bitcoin price started rising within a new ascending channel (pair of parallel upwards sloping blue trend lines on the above chart) after completion of Elliotts 8 wave cycle. In summary, the current consolidation above 10,000 could complete and provide us with the next break either above 11,000 or below 10,000. Higher highs have been recorded during most of last weeks trading sessions. So, if this bull action continues, looking at the weekly charts on Binance exchange, the next marker to break out above and hold solidly would be the 4160 level, and then 4350. We can note the following: We can plot a Fibonacci retracement that extends between the low recorded on July 12th, 2017 (1,850) and the high recorded on December 17th, 2017 (20,033) to better identify main resistance and support levels. Bitcoin price is moving further way from the 50 period SMA and the 100 period SMA, which confirms all the aforementioned bearish signals. Such a reflection of public interest tends to correlate strongly with price. Btcusd must stay above 11,000 to avoid a trend change.

bitcoin price chart rsi

We are still in very Bear Markets closing 2018 with another Bear month. Looking at the charts you will see the extreme volatility we contend with in these markets. But almost daily now I am being contacted by blatant crypto scammers. Again based on the weekly charts we feel that breaking and holding 4800 is an important level on Binance, which would signal the start of breaking out of the bear markets weve been. Its value is in the negative territory, and the red signal line has crossed above the blue macd line. This can also be confirmed by the bullish alignment of the SMAs of the Williams Alligator indicator.

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What do we see on the bitcoin price charts? At the moment, it seems like the pair is following an ascending channel on the same chart with support at 11,000. However, even if bitcoin price begins to rise, it will be faced by strong resistance around 10,831.50, which corresponds to the.8 Fibonacci retracement. Also, the long upwards and downwards shadows of the two dojis formed on Wednesday reflect that the market is highly volatile at the moment. Examining the bitcoin price charts Here were looking at the 30M and daily 01/31/19 and 02/01/19 BTC / bitcoin price charts at 17:25, 19:40, 21:19, 23:32, 23:38, and 23:39 PM PST and 06:02, 07:32, and 09:40 AM PST, using macd. Candlesticks are now near the 100 period SMA (red curve which most probably resisted further rise in bitcoin price and led to the formation of the bearish engulfing candlestick pattern we mentioned earlier. Bitcoin Price Analysis, 26 December 2018 The markets are still looking bearish for the day, and we have been channeling in the zone. On the other hand, the support level around the.4 Fibonacci retracement (6,674.30) is about to be tested as shown on the above chart, and will most probably be breached during the upcoming week. The Stochastic oscillator values around 50 at the moment. The markets bulls managed to take the upper hand again after the weeks low had been recorded, pushing price above this important support level. This denotes that the ascending channels lower trend line is acting as a rising support level that is resisting significant price drops.

As per our technical analysis, we can expect bitcoin price to reach 9,250, provided that the resistance around 8,655 is successfully broken during the upcoming few days. We can expect to see more bullish candlesticks, with long bodies, form during the next 24 hours or so, especially that the price is currently above the 50 period SMA. Yet, we have to see the Williams Alligator realign its smoothed moving averages to exhibit a bullish signal before a movement in the upwards direction can be observable. So, will bitcoin price break the resistance around 11,788 during the upcoming few days? We have to see candlesticks starting to form above the 50 period SMA, before we can see a reversal of the bearish wave. How low can we expect the price to reach?

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However, that can change in an instant and both on the weekly and monthly, we are still strong in bear territory. It seems that the same scenario is likely to take place during todays later trading sessions too, so even if bitcoin price rises near 9,453.10, the markets bulls wont be able to breach this resistance level which will reverse the current upwards price correction attempt. Other things we will start to cover in upcoming post, are other alt coins, trading strategies, crypto exchanges, and various charting applications among other things. We are still looking extremely overbought with the RSI levels currently holding slightly above the 50 level on the 30M-2H and on the weekly time frames, with it at or above the 70 level on the 4H, 6H, 12H, and daily time frames. As the price is now slightly above the 50 period SMA, conditions are favorable for a bullish run. The new upwards trend line supported bitcoin price and reversed the downwards price correction attempt that began after the testing attempt of the.8 Fibonacci retracement. Also, the second impulse wave of a new Elliott wave cycle is building up and will most probably push the price upwards towards the resistance around 11,788 during the next few days. As such, we are likely to see the bitcoin price rise towards the resistance around 13,087.40 soon. A complete Elliott 8 wave cycle has finished forming on February 26th, as shown on the above chart. The December poll lends evidence to the idea that the current boom in the cryptocurrency market is a house of cards.

An inverse head and shoulders pattern is about to complete forming on the 4 hour btcusd chart. This represents a bullish reversal pattern that signaled the start of an upwards price correction attempt. The SMAs of the Williams Alligator are exhibiting a bearish alignment, bitcoin price chart rsi and the alligators mouth is open and eating in the downwards direction. Another bullish engulfing pattern was formed on Friday, and signaled another bullish wave that pushed bitcoin price upwards again to 7,080 on Saturday. During the past two days, there was a sharp increase in selling pressure on bitcoins from the 14,300 swing high against the US dollar. As such, bitcoin price will most likely drop down to this important support level, before an upward price correction attempt starts pushing the price to higher levels. But, these get rich overnight offers along with the #MiningScams and the I Sell BTC. If bullish reversal is confirmed, bitcoin price will mostly rise all the way up near the 9,500 price level. . So, will bitcoin price continue heading towards the North during the upcoming 24 hours? Testing the support level around the.2 Fibonacci retracement: Lets examine the 4 hour btcusd chart from Bitfinex, while plotting the 50 period SMA, the Bollinger Bands indicator, and the Stochastic oscillator. Bitcoin price analysis 8 February 2019 Weve seen some interesting activity the past two days. Candlesticks are forming near the middle Bollinger Band, which means that bitcoins price is still not overbought at the current market conditions.