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You've got to be passionate about trading if you're serious about making money in the longer-term and accept that success doesn't happen over night. Interest rate banks pay. Using a 1:2 win/loss ratio, each trade was recorded over a 24 hour time frame (the upcoming Asian, London and New York sessions). However, it is now about 4 weeks since I subscribed and whilst it is very, very early days in terms of my learning, personal development and hopefully eventual success, I have absolutely no regrets about committing to Andrew's course. Andrew is anything but a forex system salesman he doesnt need to be! AS expected saw price move down and touch just above the pivot at 1181 - took my 180 and said goodbye for the day. What I am saying, a good Master can do just that. You may be pleased to know that I covered the cost of both courses in the last two days trading! . Mohammed Bhuyan, Sydney, Australia, 30th December 2010 I have been involved in forex trading for over 12 months. I am also excited and impressed with many of your students (Rick Cheryl Kraai, Duncan Cooper) and their willingness to share strategies and prepare the supporting documentation. . After all you can't knock success and proof is in my trading.

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I completed Andrew's online course over around 2 weeks and found this to be an excellent and well put together set of reading and video clips, reinforcing the words you have just read. By forex trading course testimonials my lucky chance I found Andrew Mitchem the founder of The Forex Trading Coach. I just want you to know. My decision to take the plunge was made easier by the many positive reviews from Andrew's existing and past clients. The system is very logical and much more mechanical than most of the systems I have used. Again with a small account. Simon Guest Tauranga, New Zealand, 20th July 2016 1 Year member 243.17 real profit. The course have a good trading system which you can easily look for good trading set up signal and it is really easy and simple. Its difficult to explain, but when you get there, youll know what Im talking about. Many of my trades have been 3:1 Reward/Risk and even up to 8:1. I have been sitting back quietly watching and listening to your am-reviews, following up on previous or missed AM Reviews. . This is definitely the best 400 I have ever spent for trading purposes. I had absolutely no (and I mean no!) knowledge or experience.

All the material in the course is very well structured and easy to follow and understand. I don't know of any other currency course that is as hands on as yours. . 12hr, 6hr, and 4hr charts as these fit around my work commitments. Id suggest reading Jack Schwagers Market Wizards books. On the journey of becoming a day trader, I kept seeing other traders just barraging and hawking their favorite indicator, and although they may give good buy/sell signals, they dont really capture the whole picture that is trading a dynamic market. I hope this might be of help to anyone who has any doubts about his credibility. BUT, it only works if you trade by the rules and be consistent. If your trading a thousand dollar account then you might say 20 isnt good enough but if you read about the wall street wizards youll realize that Andrews up there with the best. Yes Andrew's Teaching is comprehensive and his system is simple so that you if you follow step-by-step and have the discipline to stick to a system, then in time you can become a consistently profitable trader. The course is laid out very simply and its very easy to take. I know for me it's still early days, but I'm averaging 30pips a day since studying Pivot Points (67 trade win ratio and improving).

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And contrary to what some have said, the facts are all there for any one to see, back test the results for yourself or just have at look at all the records on the member's thing is hidden. Anyway thought i would tell you first night after watching video on Sept 10th saw price enter around M3 and saw double top, thinking sell watched it got down to 1188 and then retrace to 1208. He is the most honest and helpful person Ive met in forex trading course testimonials my ten years of trading, and one of the best guys Ive come across in any line of work Ive been. Just to let you know got your course and it is awesome! Can't thank you enough Peter. I don't think anyone (competitor) has the inititative to even come close. Sorry to babble on Andrew but one thing learn his system over time you would realise that you can make more percent gain than a professional trader as in other traders who are online. If someone trades just the daily time frame, they may only get 7 good trade set-ups per week. I do find it amazing how price reacts to the pivot points.

Samuel Wilson, london, United Kingdom, 16th September 2018. Overall, I am very please I have signed up for the course and consider it a great investment in myself and my future. Peter, if you only knew how frustrated I was and how many hours I have spent reading, listening, watching and waiting. Thank you so much. Due my day job I have traded only daily and four hour charts but this year my aim is to trade one hour charts also. The quality of the preflight prep is essential to a safe and sucessful flight and the analogy has a precise correlation to trading. Only good Coach and not selfish person willing to do that in front of his students. I would forex trading course testimonials imagine if these negative review people had made money trading, they would be praising Andrew rather than slamming him and his course. Andrew's course has given me the logical and consistent approach that I had not been able to quite find myself. Attended free and paid courses, learned a lot, but not enough, lost money on a short lived live account, and no success. Again I'm using 4XMadeEasy with your course. Nothing is left out, from start to finish. But nothing is compared to the transparency and the great accuracy this method brings into my trading.

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I have never had such a rewarding success on any account. Since learning your way of trading I have made 15 trades and had 0 losses. All my trades are.25.5 risk, the counter trend trades are at 1 risk. Of Johannesburg, SA says thanks : "I want to say thank you for such a great and fantastic trading system. Andrew has been a fantastic mentor, and I cant speak highly enough of how his support, teaching, course, live webinars have changed my trading and my life. Wish we had found you two years ago before we threw away good money on bad teaching. After many, many years of working on trading on and off, consistency had always being the obstacle for. What's the big deal? I still regularly go over his course material to improve my trading. If youre rather eager, you might have them all done in a few days like me- so then youre thinking bugger, is that it now, have I spent that money and thats it?

(I trade the Asian and London sessions). I havent started consistently trading Andrews system yet (early days but plan to very soon and will post future reviews with my results. Your system has changed my trading from consistently loosing to consistently winning in a short period of time. Very Best Wishes, Alastair." This just in from Hector Ho Ken of Richmond, BC: " As a new trader, I just wanted to add my 2 cents and thank you for your Daily Reviews and to both Joe Cheung and yourself. There doesnt seem much else for me to do but help as many people as I can.

Ever since I joined Andrews course 6 months ago, my trading has been getting better and better week after week. And I have recommended your course to every trader that I know. It takes you from the very beginning for people who have never traded and through to being a consistently profitable drew has also answered my emails personally within a day. ;-) Your methods work because they are tried and true.". All emails are answered promptly and there is a detailed Help and FAQ website covering any course-related questions you may have. You can trade the daily timeframes part-time with a very limited amount of time or you can trade the H1, M15 or even M5 timeframes full-time and boost you D1 results. When a person is studying to be a lawyer or a doctor, they put in hours and hours of training, most of which is at a cost to them. All I can say is your training and mentorship is the answer to my prayer.

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That to me indicated that he was not there just to make as much money as he possibly could by selling his w, having been his client for 9 months, I know that he genuinely wants his clients to learn and be successful. Sam Napier New Zealand, 4th August 2014 For those of you who are skeptical about investing in a trading course, read through all the reviews for Andrew's training on this site. I decided to gave a last try in forex training which i think was the best decision, so far, regarding forex coaching. It is our opinion that this complete package represents exceptional value for money. The ongoing support is very valuable for relative beginners like myself. I no reservations in recommending this course. To sum everything up, you cannot go wrong with this course.

He is also a very experienced Professional Trader and Coach where the way he was organizing his course and the way he guide and teach. Most of the really exceptional traders Ive known over the years have been very reluctant to give away secrets. I also can take multiple losses without stressing out because I have my risk under control and when I'm on the winning side of trades I make 2 to 3 times the risk taken. Allan, Auckland, New Zealand, 7th February 2010 The main benefit for me is that he teaches a good daily trade strategy After spending 4 years trying to learn a variety of different systems and failing badly. Having said all of the above, this course would be useful if you understand the probability of forex trading and you have to apply a lot of discipline and stick to the rules to ensure success. He went through some basic concepts, and advanced through his system in such a way as to make it very easy to e system itself is based on very sound and logical price action principles, with an indicator. Please keep up the good work.

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I believed that forex trading course testimonials the more indicators I used, coupled with graphical tools such as bollinger bands, moving averages and trend lines made me a better trader. I have been trading live for over a week using his recommendations and software pointers and made 5 on my account, I realize that this is early days but I can honestly say that this is the first. You guys are more then doing your part to make sure we are all successful. Looked at it and dived into. I would highly recommend Andrew if you want to get your trading on track, what he teaches actually works! I read through Andrews website and it sparked my interest again. For the money I paid to Andrew, other companies give you half of the initial training. He is so polite and patient in the webinars, its a pleasure to be learning from him. I was never consistently profitable. If your reading this then your still looking for help and not only is Andrew a great trader but a great teacher as well.

Which has been fantastic for me juggling family, and up until very recently a career. I will take those odds any day forex trading course testimonials and your course was my guide all the way. Every day we at m get spontaneous notes from our members thanking us and sharing their impressions of the quality of our services. If this has scared you, then FX is probably not for you; if not, read. James Melbourne, Australia, 16th May 2014 I would highly recommend Andrews course to anyone who is motivated and looking for a highly professional mentor to reach their trading goals. Blessings to you all, Rob" Francois.