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To be fair, the pair already had a fairly bullish week, breaking-above the bearish trend-line that made up resistance in the descending triangle , which was confluent with the.3000 psychological level. In addition, the indicators are all based on volatility, so the trend colors become even more dependable and reliable and hence, trustworthy. If youd like more color around any of the setups below, join in our live DailyFX webinars each week, set for Tuesday and Thursday at 1PM Eastern Time. This can allow for a focus on resistance holding around the same.1250-1.1262 area. Once you have decided you would like to speculate in the foreign exchange markets, it is important that you choose the right broker for you needs. GBP/USD Four-Hour Price Chart Chart prepared by James Stanley USD/CAD: Bearish on Hold Below.3500 Last weeks reversal setup in USD/CAD played-out fairly well in the first half of this week. The week prior saw some very interesting technical moves, punctuated by a bullish breakout in the.

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What happened after that, however, is somewhat disconcerting for EUR/USD bears. Dedicated to your trading success, Cynthia, trading from the beaches of Mexico! . Traders can look at a hold of support around last weeks lows, targeting a move-higher in the range thats been in-play now for the past couple of months. And next week brings an RBA rate decision, so there should be ample motive for the currency to remain on the move. After that, secondary target potential exists around.3300. But, if that cannot hold, another zone exists a little-lower, around the.3040-1.3055 area on the chart, and that would allow for stops below the Friday low. Traders can also stay up with near-term positioning via our IG Client Sentiment Indicator. There are two areas of interest for such a theme: The previous zone of resistance from.3087-1.3117 would be optimal. IG Client Sentiment Indicator. US Dollar Daily Price Chart: Bearish Engulf, Lower-High Potential.

Forex Trading Resources DailyFX offers an abundance of tools, indicators and resources to help traders. But as USD-strength came rushing back, the bottom fell out of EUR/USD and prices fell back below the.1187 Fibonacci level. USD/CAD Daily Price Chart Chart prepared by James Stanley AUD/USD: Grasping.7000 Through USD Breakout Aussie continues to grind around support, with the.7000 big figure coming into play yet again this week. Got the Forex Trading Blues? One pair that does hold some attraction around themes of USD-strength is EUR/USD. This leaves a series of interesting themes for next week, in which the highlight on the economic calendar is expected to be rate decisions out of Australia and New Zealand to go along with the US CPI report, set to be released next Friday morning. Prev 1 / 45, next » : Forex Trading Video For Beginners - Live FX Stream by day : Forex Trading Video For Beginners - Live FX Stream by day : Forex Trading Video For Beginners. And if youre looking for real-time analysis, our DailyFX Webinars offer numerous sessions each week in which you can see how and why were looking at what were looking. Forex Trading Strategy Webinar Video For Today. Written by James Stanley, Strategist for m Contact and follow James on Twitter: @JStanleyFX. That was tested on Friday morning around NFP, after which the pair launched-higher and continued to rally. This is a setup that will often be approached in a bearish fashion and connecting the dots to the longer-term setup in USD, this could allow for a deeper retracement after last weeks breakout has reversed.

forex trading today

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Its so mpare a chart with lots of different squiggly colored lines and candles or bars that are colored but dont really relate to the many different squiggly linesand its worse when you look at the candles or bars. Heres another color coordinated chart example using Cynthias Breakout Simple System: Click Here to Visit the Breakout Simple System Webpage. And if youre looking for something more interactive in nature, please check out our DailyFX Live webinars. Heres an example of a color coordinated chart using Cynthias London/NY Easy Color System: Click Here to Visit the London/NY Webpage. The pair found support off of the Fibonacci level.3375 and bounced-higher after the Wednesday fomc rate decision; and then posed another bearish move around the NFP reversal. Heres another color coordinated chart example using Cynthias Color Ribbon Surfing System: Click Here to Visit the Color Ribbon Surfing System Webpage.

You need one of Cynthias Color Coded Trading Systems! Those themes have since cooled, although very little has shown in a linear fashion. Compare Cynthias Color Coded Charts to Regular Charts. You need to find someone who you can be comfortable with, and who specializes in accounts of your size. . And while this doesnt necessarily negate the bearish potential in the pair, it does, at a minimum, urge forex trading today caution for chasing as further digestion potential remains.

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Heres Cynthias latest system, the Simple Neon Breakout: click here to visit the Simple Neon Breakout webpage to watch some videos and see more charts. And heres another color coordinated chart example using Cynthias Color Coded Trend Trading System: Click Here to Visit the Color Coded Trend Trading Webpage. Sellers pulled up shy of a re-test of last weeks low, leading into a lower-high. Another word for it would be color coordinated. Fomc, chair Jerome Powell took the podium, USD bulls took-hold, and prices charged higher into the Friday NFP release. Visit my, about Me page and read about my Trading Story! Key for that will be the Friday move in USD, in which were currently seeing a non-completed bearish engulfing pattern, driven by the move that emanated from NFP. I came into the week looking for bearish strategies in EUR/USD, and the early-week pullback in USD allowed for the pair to move up for a quick re-test of last weeks highs around the Wednesday fomc rate decision. AUD/USD Eight-Hour Price Chart Chart prepared by James Stanley To read more: Are you looking for longer-term analysis on the.S.

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