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They also offer the popular Meta Trader 4; the. GFT, uK which is now known as, transferred all their accounts. Theres something wrong with the charts that GFT shows. They are averaging your position instead to honor your price Buy or Sell at the time of your price/trade.what? GFT took 40,000 out of your account and repositioned all your (average trades @.3000). Best regards, Nina Fite Compliance Specialist - Risk Management Team stay away from GFT they ARE EY ARE RIP-OFF AND they ARE definetely stealing your money. To use indicators you need at least a 2500 account. It has an automated order rule feature, and advanced order functionality and an exclusive commentary and research feature. The Alternative - Social Trading: #1: m - the world's leading social investment network.

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1- The reason you should not trade with them is because they are NFA member! I experienced an average 85 r" on my orders with GFT My overall trades with them have just been unprofitable. I experienced a average 85 r" on my orders and that is quite frustrating as you can imagine. I have an account with CCcapitol in UK with 300k (300,000). Let's call 30 pips in profit (12K) It's all a psychological game that they are trying to get through your mind. This is to notify you that GFT will not accept your application to open an account and will not allow you to have a demo account. Trading Platforms, dealBook 360, DealBook 360 Web, DealBook 360 Mobile, Metatrader 4, extra forex software and tools, autochartist, Foresight-A.I., DiNapoli D-Levels. GFT UK : Customer Support GFT UK has a good client support services; they have different ways that a client can use to get in touch with the support staff.

Sometimes the prices bounce around without making it visible to gft uk forex the trader. They just ignore your complaints and dont care if Im happy with them or not. I have been a customer of, gFT, forex for about two years now and I keep trading with them because they are a very convenient broker. 6 pips transaction cost!? They indeed charge me high spread. I'm afraid other co's are the same.

Dear Max It has come to our attention that your may be interested in opening an account with GFT or having a demo account with. The head of GFT 's DD is a rude snob and I intend to file charges with the FSA. Instead they are holding your position until you got in the wrong side of the direction of the market and able to cash your losses direct to their gft uk forex Bank (Morgan Chase)! I was in a position and had a limit order to get out 2/3s of my position. Over 10 years with no flaws. GFT turned out to be a company that has compassion for their customers. Trading Platforms, gFT, uK has several trading platforms that are based on the clients requirements and their advancement as traders. GFT, uK : Deposit Funds and Withdrawal, gFT UK has various ways set out for deposits and withdrawals. GFT, forex have excellent customer support, i started trading with, gFT back in 2005 (I really like their educational materials and charting) but then I had to stop and take care of a sick child. GFT took money out of my account without notification to cover their loss because they chose to take advantage of the two day float. I'm thinking about switching to futures now. They dont care about platform issues at all.

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9 years, seen many brokers, i have an account with GFTuk for 7 months. Educational Resources The brokerage firm offers one of the best educational resources in the industry. Which I gft uk forex did several times! GFT, uK, review, gFT, uK has their client funds held in top tier banks in segregated accounts, this way the client funds cannot be used to run any of their activities. Everything was OK when I was losing. GFT, forex is a retail broker but sometimes acts like an ECN broker which isnt good at all. The GFT Live filled the sell order @1.4353, with 4 pips slippage. How can I prove that I haven't open that positions?

They gft uk forex have the, forex. With GFT By the way last (December 2009) I had the opportunity to open 300K GFT, and CCCapitol UK Demo account, and we have placed the same trades at the same time in to both accounts to verified what I am stating in this review. Broker that also offers a self developed. They have forex and CFD video tutorials on how to trade these assets efficiently and profitably. Your account is in (Floating profit/losses negative -40,000). Losing positions appear out of nowhere. The name, is the trading name for gains Capital Holdings Inc.

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The market hit the price, but GFT rejected the order saying that the market had moved to fast and that the markets spread had moved to over 50 and theres was 20 and they could not and would not fill my order. The EUR-USD instead to get back up.3300. The decision support tools help the client when it comes to making trading decisions. This is very strange indeed but no reason to claim that. I tried to close the live position @1.4349 but my market order was executed @1.4351. Most of that time has been unprofitable. As if GFT wants to make a trade look like a sure thing while it is not!

gft uk forex

There are many business reasons why GFT may reject an account, and GFT does not discuss with individuals its reasons for closing their accounts or rejecting them all together. Also I traded simultaneously at two different platforms. GFT, forex software doesnt work properly. Its hard enough to make money trading, last thing you wanna worry about is the f*ing bucket shop playing games with you. Furthermore, this is what I have received from them today! They claim it might be technical issue and requested the logs. You have to be aware of this otherwise you will call this broker a scam instantly. GFT, forex : Fair spreads, especially if you trade majors. They are highly regulated across 7 jurisdictions, and this makes them very reliable and trustworthy. The spikes were way out of line.

Losing positions appear on my GFT account out of nowhere GFT does not hesitate to take advantage of the fact that they hold our money and store all the trading logs. So, even if their platform, Dealbook 360, is a very good piece of software I definitely do NOT recommend this broker! GFT platform disconnects ten times a day Did steal 5 figure account, totally. GFT UK offers both credit card and debit card payments, and the other option is the bank wire transfer option. GFT, forex is a scam. The settlement date is 2 days from the date I liquidate. You cant prove that these broker is a scam but it doesnt look that reliable. Hung application, run time error, external I don't know what. As soon as the market get close.3120 (break even) or little above, after holding the position with 120 pips in negative, I am going to call for the day and getting out with ALL trade/positions. In the last 3 months or so i have found a pair and a system that has started to be profitable. I complained but lived with it because i like the charting package.

gft uk forex

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In other matters the service said its your ruter. GFT had charged me with inactivity fees so I called them and after speaking to a few customer service reps, the fees were refunded to my account in two days. They also have webinars that are on-demand, which means they are organized when requested, and the webinars are also available in a recorded version, so one can easily watch past webinars and learn something from them as well. But if you are consistently making profit, they do everything to slow you down. So now you are physiological stressed and thinking, ok few pips above.3250 I will be out. Last trade made @ (1.3000) 300 pips, 200 pips for the trade made.3100 100 pips for the trade made.3200 and break even for the trade made.3300). The GFT has been liquidated in a matter of 55 days. Gov Customer service: All the guys I spoke to are helpful and friendly.

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Your capital is at risk. I am in a loss of a total 100 pips (10K). Best platform I have used, big fan of the gft uk forex free SMS alerts as I am a break out trader and can even put SMS alerts on trendlines. Rating:.2/ 10 (5 votes cast) How reliable is GFT Forex?,.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings. 4- They are telling you that if you maintain a position in a wrong side or Right side of the trade after 5PM they are closing your position and replace your trade at the market price!

They seen the acct balance and the number of contracts ran the mkt up/dwn twice to get it all. GFT forex is a pretty good broker I trade a mini account with GFT, so far for 6 months and I am staying in profit, I think I was stop hunted on one occasion, which was easily. Pips 1 trade 10 lots @.3000 0 pips Now the market reverse the next day going back (let's assume) @.3150. They checked what happened, found out that I was right and corrected the problem on the. Their support department has a specific support team that concerns itself with issues to do with account opening, and their e-mail and telephone number are available on their web page. The trading platform is downloadable and can be installed on either a Mac or. Withdrawals seem to be no problem with this broker. Fast withdraw: GFT processed my withdraw requests the same day. Experiences with, gFT, forex, gFT, forex is not the smallest forex broker and its also not the most reliable one. My last 2 trades (honored by CCcaptol) @.3000 and.3100 are in profit (50 Pips and 150 pips) respectively! At the point my account would be at 360,000 in profit! GFT has managed to uphold its standards as one of the best brokers in the world, and their cross-border registration has made them more reliable and trusted.

The GFT Demo filled the sell order @1.4357, without slippage. Excellent broker, very reliable, after i experienced refco scam gft gave me back reliability to forex anks all GFT employees. From then on every order went through a human to get filled instead of their automated dealing desk. The wire transfer information is provided for by GFT UK on request to use that method of transfer. They offer three trading platforms that are well advanced technologically and are easy to use as well as per the client needs. Their statement is YOU DON'T OWN THE position YOU ARE holding THE position. But after 30 days you just get an alert: "Demo account expired, open a real one to continue". The total equity of your account (floating) is 260,000 from the 300,000 originally started. So without panicking I am adding positions with an extra 10 full lots going (long) @.3200.

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Now the same scenario with GFT, I have positioned the last two trades @.3100, and.3000 as well. Yes 60,000 in profit! They even go an extra mile and use their funds to hedge client trades so that the client funds can be fully protected. Since they are an international firm covering over 140 countries, they have various locations where you go visit in person and share your issues with the right person or department. CCcapitol maintain your P/L (profit and Losses) -400 pips (-40K). Choose ECN STP DMA broker. I compared the GFT indicators with those of other forex platforms and surprisingly, certain indicators show the exact opposite at GFT. But the loading time is so slow. They have short videos and tutorial on the various things they offer as tradable assets.

gft uk forex

Stay away from this broker, the software is not reliable! Their execution is impeccable, and this was proven when.8 of the trades were executed under 70 milliseconds. They do not engage in any sort of proprietary trading; this means they do not trade to make a profit. They are very small with low volatility but high when the volatility is high. GFT disabled my auto trading system - and it happens only to my profitable account.

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However, they are honoring all my trades position. I had a problem with one scalp that gft uk forex didnt go through at the specified price point, so I called them. 250 is the mini account, but with a mini account you cannot use indicators! So I have the chance to close with 100 pips in profit the last trade @ (1.3200) and able to get out the first trade made @ (1.3300) with few pips in losses or even few pips. However, I do find their platform a little rigid for. GFT, forex is a scam copmany. Let's assume the market hits.3000!

Trader PRO; this is a customizable trading platform that has an integrated decision and support tools. GFT platform a little rigid, but they are still the best They have one of the best customer gft uk forex service around. Attention, GFT charges a fee if youre inactive and wont let you know. The clients funds are protected by the Financial Services Commissions Scheme, which covers the clients for up to 50,000 Pounds in the case that the brokerage firm went bust. They know no shame as a crook would not.

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Not even the simple average! While I made constant profit on the other platform, I lost money with GFT although I made the same trades. GFT, forex is a pretty well known, forex. Big fan of Kathy and Boris and is very impressed with their new FX portal which has technical trade recommendations. The spreads are fair, especially if you trade major crosses. First of all they have banned me from having an account with them with no explanation.

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Now the market is going south down.3200. I changed my style to get in and out of positions using stop and limit orders. YES they have averaged all my 4 trades @t.3120 Now the market reverse the next day going back (let's assume) @.3200. The, forex, eCN is meant for the professional trader; it is commission based software that allows for the client to client trading, and the minimum balance gft uk forex is 100000. Your account now is suffering of an effective drawdown liquidity. It is not written anywhere in their website. Theres not a lot to say about. on 7th December 2012. GFT, forex claims that the reason is that when you make your trade in another currency than your account balance is working with they have to make these adjustments. Withdrawals and deposits have been swift and easy, no questions asked. They understand why it is important for a trader to have a good education basis and understanding of how the markets really work. But theres a big problem that concerns many traders.

GFT, uK, mini Account: minimum deposit: 150 GBP minimum deal size: 10k maximum leverage: 1:400, gFT UK Standard Account: minimum deposit: 5000 minimum deal size: 100k maximum leverage: 1:100, spread. Stop losses are ignored or the chart makes peculiar moves or changes afterwards. From.8 pips on eurusd, deposit/Withdraw, debit/Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Cheque. Their long experience over 15 years to be precise and large client base of up to 200,000 clients means that they have to build a solid reputation for themselves as a business. GFT UK trading conditions here. GFT Forex : Fair spreads, especially if you trade majors. I have been a customer. GFT Forex for about two years now and I keep trading with them because they are a very convenient broker. The spreads are fair, especially if you trade major crosses. GFT Forex is a pretty well known, forex, broker that also offers a self developed.