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There's something fishy about all that bait and no biting. From September month I am managing 2 sets of different accounts. Aug 14, 2011 hi everyone, currently i developed an EA which can produce more than 100 return within a year. I can then take profit from the winning position. U r already making 100 per year. Legendary member 36,354 1,800, aug 19, 2011 munchiedude said: i totally agree. The 10 big banks' huge investments might only account for forex cargo chicago il about 20 percent of the forex's daily trading volume depending on activity. This raises the question of whether or not such claims are possible even with aggressive strategies, and whether novice traders even stand a chance of this kind of return, versus the more likely outcome of losing all of their trading capital.

In, forex, is 10 return per month good enough?

Agree with mething stinks to high heaven! Link, public clipboards featuring this slide, no public clipboards found for this slide. Investor can choose any regulated Forex Broker that they feel they are comfortable with or you can go with one of the brokers I am currently trading with. I would like to know who has a very profitable EA in hand so i could exchange mine with yours. With the contraryposition, I open a second trade in the same direction, of a higher size. Let every one make 100 and no loosers in forex market and GOD will bless u for your kindness. Grounding Your Prospects, you might be a fan of the statement, "Never say never." It may also initially seem plausible to assume a trader could to turn 100 and into 10,000 within one year, but breaking down the. Looking forward to seeing them. Peter PS: I'm also still waiting for my inheritance from my long lost dead uncle who lived in Nigeria. Forex Trading, getting Started, mccaig/Getty Images, if you're a new entrant to the foreign exchange (forex) trading world, you have probably been bombarded with advice from various sources that promise to help you build your forex assets at a rapid pace. Forex Managed Accounts with average 15 returns per month. If you work a little math using a return on investment (ROI) calculator, it can help you put into perspective what would be necessary to turn 100 in assets into 10,000 within one year.

You must log in or register to reply here. These are huge investments, but keep in mind that the daily trading volume on the forex can range from 2 trillion to 5 trillion depending on periods of volatility. If it goes furtheragainst me, I will open a third position, bigger still, and a fourth and fifth according tohow far it moves. Aug 20, 2011 give us it for free. My Profile:I have a Masters degree in Economics and I am a full-time trader, developing my ownpersonal trading strategy over the past four years, having very much learnt the hardway. Post your yearly results here mate. Aug 20, 2011 With you two not biting, I don't think that I will, either. Send in Identification Documents to the Broker. One of the more lofty pitches out there suggests that novice forex traders can start with 100 and see that money grow to as much as 10,000 within one year, or at the very least double that 100 within one month. I have tested on my live account and started from usd 1000 a year ago and now making more than usd 10k profit. Now assume that instead of 100, a few large investment banks make trades with the same 464 percent daily profits, reinvested daily.

Theoretical patterns of gain or loss do not always translate into probable outcomes on the foreign exchange market. . Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. In other words, you would have to more than quadruple your money every day to come even close to 10,000 at the end of a year. The compound interest calculator (which in this case is used as a profit-compounding calculator) shows that if you entered and closed out one trade every day of the year, the average profit on each forex returns per year trade would have to be at least 464 percent. You can see each and every trade I havedone; my deposit amounts and even my withdrawals are e Average returns for your Investment will be 15 per month. Something doesn't add.

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I only expect a retrace of about 50 pips from any position, which forsure happens at some point in the market. Peter Click to expand. So 1k to 10k in a year 100 returns? Investment Guidelines: The process of getting you up and earning with a Forex managed account is normallystraightforward, You will need to be able to provide photographic ID and evidence of your location, and have a bank account from. Legendary member 36,354 1,800, aug 18, 2011 shadowfx990 said: hi everyone, currently i developed an EA which can produce more than 100 return within a year.

forex returns per year

Be the first to like this. N Aug 19, 2011, hoggums said: I don't understand why you'd want to exchange it if it's making you money. According to the calculator, about 80 trillion, an amount that almost equates to all the money in the world. If these big banks had the same 464-percent daily return needed to produce a 9,900 profit on an initial investment of 100, how much money would they have at the end of one year? My Performance:I would like you to look at my trading history.

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Online Course - LinkedIn Learning, cGAT FX United1, m_O_Business.O.B. Will you, still, write to us? My Trades (Click on the link My Trades).My trading history is completely transparent. Is my forex returns per year maths wrong here? A license to print money and you're selling it? I want to be a no-good, 2-bit, lazy azz son-of-a b1tch and rake in 10,000 per month!

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Other responsibilities include: Promoting clients services or products. Pay.25 per hour. Must have strong typing skills. Forex trading gives you the opportunity to make exponential returns on your trades. My personal account has made a return of 140 over the past 6 months. To work with Arise, you need to have a quiet, private, distraction-free workplace. Free download, maar dat zal je genoeg punten hebt om dat te doen. Learn Forex in 5 days: A book that teaches you all you need to know about Forex, from someone.

You must: Have the ability to multi-task. If I trade enough to make the living of my family happy, it will be the success. Well, what I risk per pip on metals is much smaller. (segn los consejos de algn libro forex returns per year que he ledo). En el 'day trading. Fill in the required fields (enter the BTC amount, paste the recipient address, select the level of fees, click on the Send button). Hi everyone, currently i developed an EA which can produce more than 100 return within a year. But to those who do not have any EA to exchange, we can work. Have outstanding spelling, grammar and communication skills. Ver mensaje de yotrader.