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The EUR settled around.1650, while the GBP remains in a confused state, holding around.3250. AUD/USD.7229 #collinsonfx #audusd 12/07/18 The NZD has been the best performing currency this week. The kiwi has been extremely resilient in a market of chaos amid brexit headlines, it should be trading well under.00 instead has been the strongest currency this week for no good reason, it just has. Trump will verbal the Dollar and monetary policy, from the fomc, which enabled Europe and China. Against the EUR however we have seen downward pressure develop on the cross with it coming off its high.6130 (1.6320) midweek to soften.6040 (1.6560).

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The EUR trades lower.1650, a victims of the collinson forex auckland Dollar bull-run, while the GBP holds.3100. NZD/AUD.9368 #collinsonfx #nzdaud 11/27/18 The NZD started the week upbeat compared to the USD after US equities jumped. NZD/AUD.9384 #nzdaud #forex #colfx 11/16/18 The NZD kicked off the week with a lack of direction against the USD but soon got into its groove passing.6750, the first level of topside resistance posting a high.6840, the weekly high. Thanks Anna Haslep our unflappable medic and all the Woodhill Sands Crew who were making us coffees or picking up poles all weekend and Dominique Visini from the office, who we wish all the best for her Studies in Wellington! Trump took nato to task, forcing new defence spending commitments on recalcitrant member states, exposing their hypocritical energy alliances. Collinson forex limited has the company number:685128 and the NZ business number. 10/20/14 Collinson Forex Daily Email: New Zealand by Paul Bettany Julian Annear Commentary Markets were mixed overnight, although all of the bad news that was there over the last few weeks, is still there! Predominantly negative headlines continued to drag the Pound to levels not seen since September 2017. Risk trades improved with Trump and China agreeing on a truce of sorts at the G20. NZ Trade Balance this morning came in at -1.295B after -850M was expected taking the pair off.9400 (1.0645) this morning.

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NZD/EUR.5978 #nzdeur #colfx #fx collinson forex auckland #news 11/20/18 The NZD rallied.6880 against the greenback during Fridays NY session where it closed the week. Forex - Collinson Co, the RBA was optimistic, although there are warnings and the release of GDP data today, may highlight some of these challenges. Next weeks RBA minutes will hold market interest. German CPI data was soft, while Consumer and Business Confidence was flat. Commodity currencies are extremely vulnerable to trade war escalations.

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The exciting twilight race meeting at Ellerslie on Saturday will begin with a clash of stayers in the 100,000 CollinsonForex Karaka Cup (2200m). This is all support for the Dollar which has already turned the corner. NZD/USD.6931 #collinsonfx #forex #nzdusd Fed Chair Jerome Powell appears to have buckled to the pressure from Donald Trump. Collinson forex limited is a NZ Limited Company from Auckland in New Zealand. Markets changed mood Monday after comments from Vice President Pence spooked risk appetite with detrimental US/ China trade tariff speak. Market expectations are being fulfilled and the post-GFC stagnation is being exorcised. Get the full rundown here. AUD/USD.7249 #audusd #colfx 11/23/18 As we suspected price action has travelled back under the physiological level.6000 (1.6660) Friday in the nzdeur pair, down.5975 (1.6740) as risk conditions improved in the Eurozone and with Brexit. The EUR traded.2600, while the GBP struggled to hold.6000. Winter program out soon - and keep your eyes peeled for our Special Road to HOY Training Show Jumping day March 3rd and the Inaugural April Derby Day! CollinsonForex, download the Collinson Forex app for the full FX News update or contact us to speak to one of our dealers. Trade exposed nations are beneficiaries of trade agreements and thus the currencies responded well.

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Full update available on the the CollinsonForex App, links collinson forex auckland below! The NZD currently trades.6210 and.4880 against the EUR and GBP respectively. The amazing thing is that bureaucratic ruling elite have no idea that they should reflect the will of the people?! The attack, launched by Trump, enables the Big Dollar some latitude. #wherewinningbegins Here's to another successful year and looking forward to working with you all in 2019. He has now moved on to the UK, visiting Scotland, where he has strong ties from his Mother and extensive investments. Currency and trade wars will dominate headlines, economically, while Geo-Politics remain a black swan threat. They did cite protectionism as a risk to the zone and the global economy. It was incorporated on dissolved on has the status: Registered. Thanks Philippa Howells, Danielle Watts, Wayne Bragg for some great jumping over both days. These improvements for the NZD could be short lived and any buy side transactions in foreign currency should be looked at today to take advantage of these gains. European markets were lower, as was the Dow, but the Nasdaq and S P tried to push in to the positive. 12/07/14 The US Dollar surged overnight, with the Non-Farm Payrolls adding 321,000 more jobs, smashing expectations.

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US equity markets have been suffering a meltdown, last week, but this was cauterised by the Holidays! The fomc meets and is likely to hold rates, but promote a strongly bullish economic sentiment, while the Bank of England is likely to be far more circumspect. The fundamental western problem is fiscal ineptitude followed by monetary servitude. Client relationships are at the heart of our business. US Democrats are calling for the cancelation but Trump will collinson forex auckland persevere and succeed. The NZD booked small gains against the EUR, GBP and JPY overnight to trade.6190,.4875 and.30 respectively.

Collinson forex limited - auckland - NEW zealand. Rallying back through the weekly open.7220 the Aussie received further momentum after Aussie employment data published. The serious problems continue to swamp markets, with Europe in virtual recession, while global demand is on the wane. The European Central Bank has confirmed improved economic conditions within the zone will allow the termination of QE by years end, although they do not foresee any interest rate rises for some time. Call us with any questions /11/18 With further Brexit turmoil the GBP has plunged to new lows overnight in the wake of tomorrows parliamentary vote possibly to be delayed until January. The NZ Central Bank left rates unchanged, as expected, but the accompanying rhetoric was dovish. The USD across the board was put under pressure and Crude oil climbed.50 off last weeks lows. Forex Karaka Cup. The extended high prices have encouraged global production, from various new sources, increasing global demand geographically. IBM is a major component of the DOW and shares plunged to open the week, struggling to cope with technological advances, being left behind by the likes of Google and. The rbnz threw the anchor out and held the interest rate rises. The AUD holds.7400, while the NZD consolidates above.6800, ahead of key local confidence data. M/forex-fx/ #collinsonfx collinson forex auckland #forex #news 11/27/18 The AUD retraced early moves Monday.7285 against the USD travelling back below the weekly open.7220 Tuesday Lunch.

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This follows a great week for global trade, with the EU/US agreement, while Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, signals the renegotiated nafta agreement is anon. The big news in local markets came from the rbnz OCR decision. Forex, collinson and. Chinese Industrial Production was steady but not to the extent that it boosted commodity demand. Lower Oil prices will assist the consumer and therefore retail while reducing input cost to production.

The nzdusd looked to be gathering strength for another attempt.8000, supported by attractive interest rate differentials, before taking a turn for the worst to trade.7935. EU GDP was weaker than expected, but remained above 2, while CPI inflation beat expectations. CPI inflation growth jumped above 2, the highest in six years, while unemployment remains grimly high.3. The order of entry will be determined by nztr domestic ratings. #colfx #forex #news #brexit m/forex-fx/ m Forex Collinson Forex provides a complete range of foreign exchange services globally. Woodhill Sands, safe drive home friends! The NZD has regained momentum from.5400 (1.8530) to travel.5500 (1.8215).

11/02/14 Collinson Forex Daily Email: New Zealand Commentary Equity markets surged to close the week near record highs and well up after the Fed judged the economy well enough to survive without further monetary stimulus. The big winner overnight was the nzdjpy cross, tempering around the.00 figure and looks to be good buying. 11/16/18 The audusd touched a low this week.7170 giving back last weeks gains but was soon back on buyer radars after market risk improved. Commodity and Trade exposed nations, such as Australia and NZ, remain heavily exposed to a global trade war and the associated currencies will reflect this. RBA November minutes highlighted no surprises, future monetary policy would be governed by economic data and currency movement. Judges extraordinaire Judy Styles Margaret Matenga David Bullock Fiona Tapp Heather Rogers Lisa Messenger Keith Challis Anna Evans. Bred by: The Oaks Stud, forex - Collinson Co, markets were quiet ahead of the release of the Fed Minutes. The NZD continues on its merry way, regaining.6800, as the reserve retreats, while the AUD pushed up.7250. NZD/JPY.71 #collinsonfx #nzdjpy 11/27/18 The NZD/AUD remains very much content in its recent range between.9345 (1.0700) and.9430 (1.0600).

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Opec has decided to hold production levels to force the prices lower and squeeze alternative producers out of the market. NZD/GBP.5473 New York stock exchange has its first female leader in 226-year history Wall Street collinson forex auckland itself is eager to show it is on the path to gender parity. Full update through the link below or download the Collinson Forex app for more! GDP printed much lower than markets were expecting.3 based on predictions.6 showing the Australian economy slowed sharply over the previous quarter. Expectations are for little change. Starting the week in risk off conditions the cross was immediately under pressure dropping to the low.25. The EUR trad.1700, while the GBP regained.3130, mired in Brexit Squabbles. 12/08/14 Oil and energy prices dominated the headlines as Oil continues to spiral lower toward the US60 mark. This all floated the markets boat. The world political and economic agenda has moved to a new level. Trump moves along at a lightning pace and this leave markets in a constant state of flux.

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The coming week holds massive prospects, with a flood of economic data releases. It is hard to see the UK really improve while the umbilical to Europe remains. Trade exposed currencies benefited the EU/US trade agreement, but suffered a resurgent USD, with the AUD trading around.7400. Special thanks to some of the riders/friends who pitched in to help us over the weekend Natasha Smith Leah Cooper Keean Cooper Sue Burton Josh Bremner Kimi Knight Angela Readings Julie Spence Paula Mussen Jerome Kereama Kenneth Adrian Struan Robertson. The Yen struggled upwards, pushing back to 110.80, while the GBP approaches.3200. The cross has deteriorated down.7170 giving back all of last weeks gains with pivotal support.7150 close. US Existing Home Sales managed a gain, contradicting recent data, boosting equities while the currency traded.2725 versus the EUR and.6120 against the GBP. Breeding: Domesday Fastnet Lady, sale: Lot 472, collinson forex auckland 2014 Select Sale, 165,000. M/forex-fx/ m, collinson Forex provides a complete range of foreign exchange services globally. Commodity currencies have been under extreme pressure as demand drives prices lower and a corresponding surge in the USD has created a perfect storm. NZD/AUD.9360 #colfx #forex. According to the Bank of China, ECB, RBA, rbnz etc, loose monetary policy counters fiscal expedience?

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NZD/USD.6837 #nzdusd #colfx #forex Forex Collinson Co Markets were on a vigil, awaiting the UK Cabinet meeting collinson forex auckland to decide the Brexit proposal, agreed by PM May. NZD/GBP.5448 #collinsonfx #forex #nzdgbp 12/04/18 The NZD has continued its bullish run higher to reach.6930 against the less favorable greenback. #collinsonfx #forex llinsonfx m/nz/app/collinsonforex/id?mt8 03/17/19, markets closed positively, after a volatile week, dominated by the Brexit chaos enveloping Europe and the ongoing trade negotiations between the US and China. The US/China Trade negotiations roll on and outcome speculation continues to drive markets. Forex - Collinson Co, the market rally was interrupted overnight, as trade considerations again were questioned and geo-political eruptions sent jitters. However the nzdjpy cross has booked significant gains, currently great buying.15. Client relationships are at the heart of our business. By working closely with our clients, we strive to truly understand their business requirements and thus assist them to implement effective FX strategies. Collinson Co was established in 1994 as a New Zealand owned, independent provider of foreign exchange services and products. Our aim is to provide consistently excellent forex services, recognising risk exposure and offering the most competitive rates and fees. Collinson Forex, daily Email: New Zealand by Paul Bettany Julian Annear Commentary Global equities rallied strongly overnight with speculation of an extension to the Fed s QE and an embellishment from the ECB.