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The company is now called Keppel LeTourneau USA Inc. . The Natural Gas Pipelines Services segment stores and transports natural gas. Temple Reading Bates Jack-Up Apr- Vicksburg MS 46 Smackover Parker Drilling Jack-Up 46-C 80 168 Aug-69 Now Gulf Commander, a derrick barge Vicksburg MS 47 Western Star Western Jack-Up 47-C 80 160 Dec-69 Now Petrobras IV, active Vicksburg. Adams Reading Bates Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Jul-80 Now Noble Charlie Yester, active Canada 148 Glomar High Island II Global Marine Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Nov-79 Now GSF High Island II, active Singapore 149. This company was started in 1929. Ex-Div Date, yield, bitcoin Crypto Movers, receive our Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Reports, Free. Enterprise Products Partners LP operates as holding company, which engages in the production and trade of natural gas and petrochemicals.

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Mac Transworld Jack-Up Gorilla 350 504 Feb-87 Now Ensco 100, active Vicksburg MS 216 Compact Driller Santa Fe Drilling Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Jan-92 Now GSF Compact Driller, active Brownsville TX 217 Chiles Columbus Chiles Drilling Jack-up Super. Jack-Up Dec-64 Now Intrepid, a production platform Rouen, France 25 Neptune Gascogne Esso Rep Jack-Up Dec- Vicksburg MS 26 Endeavour Zapata Drilling Jack-Up Apr- Vicksburg MS 27 Penrod 53 Penrod Drilling. Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Oct-82 Now Ensco 93, active Scotland 178 Uxmal Permargo Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Jul-81 Now GSF Adriatic IX, active Canada 179 Glomar High Island VII Global Marine Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Apr-82 Now GSF High. Axionaria Jack-Up Oct-58 Now Santa Rita, a missile tracking vehicle Vicksburg MS 10 Elefante Puente Maracaibo Jack-Up Nov-59 Destroyed by fire 1969 11 Not used 12 Not used Vicksburg MS 13 Lofco V1001 Loffland Bros. Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Mar- Brownsville TX 123 Texas Star Chiles Offshore Jack-Up 150-44-C 150 248 Dec-77 Now Perro Negro 4, active Vicksburg MS 124 Rowan Fort Worth Rowan Companies Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Aug-78 Destroyed by Rita 2005. Kent Reading Bates Tender Jul-77 Active Singapore 118 Tenaga Bruinei Shell Tender Jan-78 Now MTR 1, active Vicksburg MS 119 Rowan Juneau Rowan Companies Jack-Up 116-S 300 410 Aug-77 Active Vicksburg MS 120 Penrod 63 Penrod Drilling. The Investment in Sunoco LP segment is engaged in the wholesale distribution of motor fuels to convenience stores, independent dealers, commercial customers, and magellan forex distributors, as well as the retail sale of motor fuels and merchandise through Sunoco LP operated convenience stores and retail fuel sites. Jack-up Super 116E Building). It operates through the following segments: NGL Pipelines Services; Crude Oil Pipelines Services; Natural Gas Pipelines Services; and Petrochemical Refined Products Services. McClintock Santa Fe Jack-Up Mar-75 Active Singapore 78 Rig 105 Reading Bates Jack-Up 52-C 250 357 May-75 Now GSF Rig 105, active Singapore 79 Bob Buschman Field Jack-Up Jul-cotland 80 Key Victoria Keydril Jack-Up Oct-74 Now Nabors 656, active Vicksburg MS. Jack-Up Sep-75 Now Noble Bill Jennings, active Brownsville TX 88 Shenandoah Atwood Oceanics Jack-Up Dec-75 Now Kedarnath, active Singapore 89 Western Triton I Western Oceanic Jack-Up 82-C 250 357 Jan-76 Now Noble Carl Norberg, active Singapore 90 Western Triton.

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Generalmente son colocadas por redes publicitarias con nuestro permiso. Jack-Up Oct-68 Now Al Borz, active Vicksburg MS 43 Penrod 59 Penrod Drilling. In 1994, the assets of Marathon LeTourneau were sold to Rowan Companies, which renamed it LeTourneau, Inc. . Jack-up Super 116E 200 310 Jul-12 Active Brazil 257 P-59 PetroBras Jack-up Super 116E-PB 350 477 Jan-13 Active Brazil 258 P-60 PetroBras Jack-up Super 116E-PB 350 477 Jun-13 Active Sharjah UAE 259 Muhaiyimat Nat. Volume, open, day's Low, day's High 52 Wk Low 52 Wk High, bid. In 2016, Cameron was acquired by Schlumberger which promptly sold the Marine Division to Keppel. In 1969, after the death. Jack-Up 116-C 210 343 Jul-82 Now Ensco 92, active Singapore 177 Penrod 93 Penrod Drilling. As the earnings report date approaches, we advise that the date be confirmed by going to the company web site. Central Jack-up Super 116E 375 511 Apr-13 Active Nantong, China 263 Excellence I icbc Leasing Jack-up Workhorse 400 536 Jul-14 Active Nantong, China 264 KS Orient Star 2 KS Energy Jack-up Workhorse 400 536 Jan-15 Active 265. Si Fluor Drilling Jack-Up Dec-74 Now Ocean Titan, active Scotland 82 Al Ittihad National Drilling Jack-Up Apr-75 Active Singapore 83 Trident I Forex Neptune Jack-Up Jan-75 Now Safe Esberg, a production unit Vicksburg MS 84 Rowan Louisiana Rowan Companies.

Jack-Up Jul-65 Now Langley, active Vicksburg MS. Dave Fluor Drilling Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Nov-78 Now Ocean Columbia, active Brownsville TX 130 Randolph Yost Reading Bates Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Feb-79 Active Singapore 131 Ron Tappmayer Reading Bates Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Oct-78 Active Brownsville TX 132. Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Nov-77 Now Ensco 98, active Scotland 121 Penrod 80 Penrod Drilling. Corporate Earnings Schedule - US Earnings report release dates, times, and estimates do change - especially those beyond the current week. Sank 1969, vicksburg MS 2, vinegaroon, zapata Drilling, jack-Up 2 80 145. Jack-Up 3 80 145, oct-57, retired 1987, vicksburg MS 4, deepwater II Deepwater Explor'n Jack-Up Aug-57 Collapsed 1957 Vicksburg MS 5 Julie Ann Dixilyn Jack-Up Feb- Vicksburg MS. It operates through following segments: Investment in ETP, Investment in Sunoco LP, Investment in Lake Charles LNG, and Corporate and Other.

Jack-Up Aug- Italy 14 Gatto Selvatico agip Jack-Up Nov- Vicksburg MS 15 Jirafa Puente Maracaibo Barge Aug-60 Unknown Italy 16 Perro Negro Saipem Jack-Up Apr- Italy 17 Pagura Saipem Jack-Up Aug-63 Destroyed by fire 1965. Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Jun-82 Now Ensco 87, active Canada 167 Glomar High Island IV Global magellan forex Marine Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Dec-80 Now GSF High Island IV, active Brownsville TX 168 Penrod 88 Penrod Drilling. Semi-Sub Aug-76 Now Estesco, an accommodation unit 74 Not used Singapore 75 Chickamauga Atwood Jack-Up Jun-74 Now Aban 03, active Scotland 76 Rig 103 Reading Bates Jack-Up 52-C 250 357 Aug-74 Now GSF Rig 103, active Singapore. Jack-up Super 116E 200 310 May-14 Active Brownsville TX 270 Coatzacoalcos Perf. 7 Shengli Lift Boat 66 180 Dec-12 Active Brownsville TX 247 Tuxpan Perforadora Central Jack-up Super 116E 375 511 Feb-10 Active Brownsville TX 248 Rowan EXL-I Rowan Companies Jack-up Super 116E-XL 350 477 Feb-10 Active Brownsville TX 249 Rowan EXL-II. Jack-Up Jul-76 Now Ensco 69, active Brownsville TX 96 Penrod 68 Penrod Drilling.

Thornton, active 72 magellan forex Not used Brownsville TX 73 Penrod 75 Penrod Drilling. Configuracin de las cookies, objetivo de las cookies, estas cookies rastrean los hábitos de navegacin de sus sesiones en el sitio web de Plus500 para ofrecer publicidad dirigida (basada en intereses). Jack-Up Feb-69 Now Franklin, a production platform Levis, Canada 44 Kenting I Kenting Jack-Up 44-C 150 220 May-69 Scrapped 1985 Vicksburg MS. Jack-Up 116S 210 343 Aug-78 Now Ensco 80, active Vicksburg MS 122 Penrod 52 Penrod Drilling. Design, water Depth (Ft. Jack-up Super 116E 200 310 Feb-14 Active Sharjah UAE 269 Marawwah Nat. Jack-up Super 116E 200 310 Dec-14 Active Sharjah UAE 273 Butinah Nat. Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Jul-81 Now Ensco 84, active Singapore 164 Penrod 85 Penrod Drilling. For completeness, the table below includes all LeTourneau rigs, wherever built. .

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Jack-Up Oct-76 Now Ensco 68, active Singapore 97 Trident II Forex Neptune Jack-Up Dec-76 Active 98 Not used Singapore 99 Rowan Fairbanks Rowan Companies Drill Barge 25 Oct-75 Now unnamed, a posted barge Singapore 100 Maersk Exerter Maersk Drilling. Jack-Up Nov-65 Now Zeus, an accommodation unit Vicksburg MS 31 Ocean Master II Loffland Bros. Jack-Up Aug-71 Now Forrestal, a compressor uni Vicksburg MS 54 Zapata Nordic Zapata Drilling Jack-Up Mar- Vicksburg MS 55 Penrod 61 Penrod Drilling. Disposition, vicksburg MS 1, scorpion, zapata Drilling, jack-Up 1 80 141, nov-55. Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Dec-81 Now Ensco 86, active Vicksburg MS 166 Penrod 87 Penrod Drilling. Central Jack-up Super 116E 375 511 Nov-14 Active Sharjah UAE magellan forex 271 Mercury Eurasia Drilling Jack-up Super 116E 350 477 Oct-14 Active Sharjah UAE 272 Al Shuwehat 1 Nat. M - Find BIG Moving Crypto Currencies!

Jack-up Super 116E 200 310 Mar-15 Active 274 Not used Sharjah UAE 275 Greatdrill Chaary GreatShip Global Jack-up Super 116E 350 477 Mar-15 Active Dalian, China 276 Vivekanand magellan forex 1 Foresight Drilling Jack-up Super 116E Building China 277 Explorer. Bussell Rowan Companies Jack-Up Tarzan 300 445 Nov-08 Active Vicksburg MS 229 Goetz Corps of Engineers Dredge Jun-05 Active China 230 Shengli. LeTourneau has a single hull number list for all rigs of their design, whether built by them or by a licensee. . The Vicksburg operation was started in 1944 and became a shipyard in 1954. . 7 Transocean Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Jan- Brownsville TX 182 Seabee Chiles Offshore Jack-Up 82SD-C 250 360 Nov-82 Now Noble Tom Jobe, active Scotland 183 Chicken Itza Permargo Jack-Up 116-C 300 410 Mar-82 Now GSF Adriatic X, active Singapore.